Cornwall Perimeter Highway project update – October 17 to 22

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Paving and roundabout construction will continue on the Cornwall Perimeter Highway throughout the coming week, from Monday, Oct. 17 to Saturday, Oct. 22.

Construction this week will include paving around the Poplar Island roundabout and along the main portion of the Trans-Canada on the main portion of the highway, as well as preliminary paving at the Poplar Island roundabout.  Much of the highway lighting has been installed and  workers expect to be able to activate lights this week along the main stretch of highway.

•    Traffic will be diverted onto temporary roads around the Maypoint intersection. Crews will keep the main portion of the highway open as often as possible, but travelers are asked to watch for direction signs when posted.

•    Travel on the Trans Canada Highway will be maintained in both directions but may be reduced to three or two lanes at times, which will result in delays.

•    Motorists should consider using alternative routes when entering and leaving Charlottetown, especially during morning and evening commuting hours.

Drivers are asked to be alert and courteous and to operate with concern for the safety of workers, pedestrians and their fellow motorists. The Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy appreciates the patience of the traveling public during delays caused by construction.

Phase 1 of the Cornwall Perimeter Highway is proceeding on schedule, with completion expected in mid-to-late November.

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Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy

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