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The Government of Prince Edward Island will support intercity public transit with two years of operational funding assistance to Trius Transit’s County Line Transit Service between Summerside and Charlottetown, says Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Paula Biggar.
“The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to encouraging public transit as an affordable and environmentally responsible transportation alternative for Islanders. By offering financial support we can help make this green option available for our intercity and rural travelers and reduce barriers to employment, healthcare, and other service” said Minister Biggar.

“Islanders can use public transit as a lower-cost alternative to car ownership, or they may choose to travel via the County Line Express as a way to reducing their personal carbon footprint.”

The provincial government has agreed to continue supporting this service with a subsidy of $9500 per month from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018.
“Trius Transit is committed to strengthening the County Line Service between Summerside and Charlottetown,” says owner Mike Cassidy.  “Ongoing efforts will be made to promote the daily service to working commuters, students, those attending medical appointments and passengers wishing to visit family, friends and relatives."
Trius Transit uses 2 mini-buses with wireless Internet access for the County Line Transit Route making a total of 8 trips per day with multiple stops in both Summerside and Charlottetown and along Route 2 in Kensington and Hunter River. 

The service operates Monday to Friday, 12 months a year.

Since 2012, ridership has remained steady with an average 48 passenger fares per day.

Passengers utilizing the service are about 50% working class and 50% students.

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