Islanders volunteer for government boards in February

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Islanders continued to get involved with the provincial government through Engage PEI this month, and there are always vacancies available.

In February, another seven Islanders were appointed to three provincial government agencies, boards, and commissions. Engage PEI helps Islanders apply to volunteer on more than 70 such boards; to find a vacancy that fits your interests, visit www.princeedwardisland.ca/engagepei-vacancies.

“Engage PEI has helped several hundred Islanders have their say on provincial government boards since it was created more than two years ago,” Premier Wade MacLauchlan said. “We are the Mighty Island partly because ambitious, community minded Islanders like these are willing to work together to make our province a better place, and they deserve our thanks.”

Up to 20 vacant positions become available each month. Some vacancies require specific skill sets, so Islanders should regularly check for openings that suit their experience or interests.

To ensure you are considered when a vacancy becomes available, you can submit an application in advance at www.princeedwardisland.ca/engagepei.

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Here are the seven people appointed or reappointed to three agencies, boards and commissions by cabinet in February, along with their community of residence.

Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board
Lisa Pyke       Mermaid

Social Assistance Appeal Board
Samantha Guerette      North Wiltshire
Stu Lavers       Charlottetown

Victim Services Advisory Committee
Eliza MacLauchlan      Charlottetown
Deborah Langston      Blooming Point
Sr. Norma Gallant      Wellington
Gary Trainor       Charlottetown

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