Meet Molly Doyle, the Government of Prince Edward Island’s Net Zero Ambassador

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Meet Molly Doyle! She is back again for a second year as the Government of Prince Edward Island’s Net Zero Ambassador.

A graduate of Charlottetown Rural High School, Molly is entering Dalhousie University in the fall where she will be taking medical sciences. 

But for the summer she will be travelling across the province in the Net Zero electric vehicle, spreading the message of energy efficiency and the purpose of the Path to Net Zero. 

Molly says she gets many interesting questions. The most frequent being; “how far can you drive in this electric vehicle?” The answer of course depends on where she is going and how long it will take to get there. 

“I could drive around the city of Charlottetown for six days and never lose power. But if I drive to Souris or Tignish, I would have to recharge when I arrive there.”
Many people are interested in the electric vehicle but they are also curious about what exactly does “Net Zero” mean. 

Last fall Government announced the most ambitious climate targeting in the country; to be Net Zero by 2040.

Simply put, Net Zero means that we produce as much energy as we consume. The energy we produce here on Prince Edward Island is equal to what we consume as Islanders.

“I try to explain that it is not using any energy at all, but that we are replacing the energy we use, with energy we can produce.”

As the summer rolls along, you can find Molly in her Net Zero electric vehicle at various community events and festivals, businesses like Sunly and Aspen Kemp and you may find her at the occasional charging station.

Find out more about electric vehicle incentives and the path to Net Zero.

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