Picturing a future in video on Prince Edward Island

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Craig Harris has brought video production skills back from Vancouver that are in high demand here at home

Creating jobs for Islanders -

Craig Harris is using the skills he honed as an innovator and job creator in Vancouver’s “Hollywood North” to help frame the future of film and video on Prince Edward Island.

As co-owner of video production company Furrow Content and operator of the new Knest Studio -  a new co-working, creative space – Harris is determined to boost the Island’s evolving video industry. At the same time, he is enjoying an easier -paced lifestyle that includes family time like he enjoyed as one of eight kids growing up on a family farm in North Tryon.

 “I left the Island for school at 17 and came back at 33 with five young kids,” he said.

“When I was in Vancouver, a work day for me would last 14 to 16 hours, plus a couple of hours of commuting. I just wasn’t seeing my family. Since we moved here, we’re having family dinners every night and I’m still able to do some really interesting and creative work.”

Harris became a video producer while filming footage for non-profit development groups. He then found himself among the first people in Vancouver to master the “Red” camera – a pioneering system that allowed the capture of film-quality footage on a video camera.

His expertise led him to teach the Red camera technology to more established cinematographers and camera professionals in Vancouver. Those connections then led to work in production and post-production on a wide range of television, commercial and feature film projects.

“One of the people I worked with had done post-production on the original X-Files series,” Harris said. “He really showed me a lot about what you can do with processes like colour correction to really improve the look and the feel of footage.  I think that work in colour correction is still one of my real strengths here on Prince Edward Island.”

Furrow Content (furrowcontent.tv) continues to work with off-Island clients at the same time as it works the local market.

 “I can sit in my studio and colour-correct a piece of footage while my client sits in Los Angeles or Europe and watches what I’m doing,” he said. “With the right set-up, our studio here in Charlottetown can service clients anywhere in the world.”


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