Province expecting effects of Lee today

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The Government of PEI is asking residents to make final preparations as the remnants of Lee approach the province.

This morning, Lee made landfall in southwestern Nova Scotia and eastern New Brunswick, bringing effects associated with a post-tropical storm including high winds, heavy rain and storm surges along coastal areas.

“I encourage all Islanders to make final preparations as Lee progresses over our neighbouring provinces and we experience higher than normal winds, and some heavy downpours at times. We know that this will not be as strong as storms that have impacted us over the previous few years, but we need to be sensible in preparing so that we are ready in any event. I urge Islanders to please stay inside during times of high winds, stay inland and away from coastal water.”

- Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Chair of the Major Incident Readiness Team (MIRT) Bloyce Thompson.

PEI EMO remains in Emergency Level 1 Activation as the storm approaches. The most up-to-date forecast from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Canadian Hurricane Centre indicates that Islanders can expect winds around 60km/h with gusts reaching 80km/h, rainfall amounts ranging from 20mm-40mm throughout the weekend with heavy downpours at times, as well as higher than normal waves and water levels around coastal areas.

“As we watch Lee make its way over our region, we will stay in communication with our critical infrastructure partners as well as neighbouring provinces to offer updates and work together on any response that may be needed.” said Director of Emergency Management Nick Policelli. “Our EMO office has worked diligently over the past months to be prepared for this type of weather, and we strongly encourage all Islanders to have emergency plans, be prepared for scattered power outages, and monitor updates through official meteorologists, media, and government channels.”

In the event they are needed, Islanders can find information on reception centres across the province here. As certain communities may be impacted differently, Islanders are asked to reach out directly to their respective municipality for status on opening.

Islanders are encouraged to take the following steps when preparing for hurricanes or other emergencies by:

  • making a household emergency plan so that everyone knows what to do in case of emergency;
  • updating your preparedness kits, including extra food, pet supplies, water, masks and hygiene products;
  • bringing in or tying down furniture, play equipment, barbeques or anything that can become projectiles in the event of high winds;
  • ensuring you have fuel for generators and vehicles, as well as propane for outdoor cooking devices such as barbeques;
  • replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms;
  • never operating a generator or barbeque anywhere inside a home, including a garage. Best practice is to keep a generator 20 feet from the home and pointing the exhaust away from the home;
  • ensuring a generator is not operating in heavy rain unless the generator has a top cover protecting the electrical system; and
  • keeping up with the latest information from reliable sources such as following PEI Government, local media, and law enforcement social media channels.
Find more information, including any updates over the weekend, on the Provincial Storm Response webpage.


Media contact:
Kip Ready
Department of Justice and Public Safety & PEI’s Emergency Measures Organization

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