Province supports CMHA PEI housing initiatives

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(l-r) Reid Burke, CMHA PEI executive director, Communities, Land and Environment Minister Richard Brown and Health and Wellness Minister Robert Mitchell.

Home Together - Affordable Housing for PEI

Today the province announced support for the Canadian Mental Health Association, PEI Division (CMHA PEI)  to acquire a 30 unit residential apartment building in Charlottetown and maintain the units at an affordable level. 

Island Investment Development Inc. will provide a loan of up to $2.125 million to support the project.  

"Through our Housing Action Plan, we are working with all levels of government, community organizations and private sector developers to provide safe, appropriate and affordable housing for individuals and families," said Communities, Land and Environment Minister Richard Brown on behalf of Minister of Family and Human Services Tina Mundy "We are pleased to partner with the Canadian Mental Health Association on this project to support individuals and families to be healthy, productive and successful."

The province is providing a five-year term loan to CMHA PEI to acquire the residential apartment building located at 40 Kent Street. The province will also provide a $400,000 non-repayable capital contribution for the acquisition and renovations and a 10 year commitment for a $73,000 operating grant. The acquisition of this property will ensure that these 30 units are maintained as affordable for the long term. 

“We are pleased to partner with the Province to acquire 40 Kent Street. It will ensure 45 individuals have safe and affordable housing,” said Reid Burke, CMHA PEI executive director.  “With respect to transitional housing this endeavor will allow folks to transition to more independent housing. These initiatives will allow us to provide safe, affordable housing for Islanders which is a key factor in recovery from mental health and addictions problems.” 

The province also announced more details on a 10-bed housing unit for long-term transitional housing, made possible through a partnership with Health PEI and CMHAPEI.  It will be located beside Murchison Centre on St. Pius X Ave in Charlottetown.

“Safe and supportive housing can provide a place to live in dignity and move towards recovery for many Islanders struggling with their mental health,” said Health and Wellness Minister Robert Mitchell. “The new facility will provide long-term supervised housing, transitional or “training apartments,” and respite beds. By partnering with CMHA we can work together to strengthen to care we provide to Islanders at the community level.”

About PEI’s Housing Action Plan: 1,200 new affordable units are being created across PEI over the next 2 years and will expand the existing inventory of 1,600 provincial government-owned affordable units to meet a growing demand for affordable housing for both Island seniors and families.  This is in addition to the over 700 rent supplement arrangements the province has with private landlords across the province.  

To learn more please visit: Home Together PEI.

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