Statement by Premier Wade MacLauchlan on the Auditor General’s report

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I want to begin by thanking the Auditor General for her report. In early March 2015 when I asked the Auditor General to take on this special assignment, I indicated that this is not the way that our Government does business.

The Auditor General has conducted a comprehensive review and has identified a number of shortcomings and recommendations for improvement by Government. Government must strive to do better and under my watch it will.

I welcome this report and we will be viewing it throughout Government as a reminder that transparency, accountability, rigour and focus must be at the core of all of our decisions and actions.

I have stated that good Government is foundational to our success as a province. 

Within weeks of taking office, our Government took action on several key points identified by the Auditor General, including new conflict-of-interest rules and post-retirement restrictions for senior officials, more transparent disclosure of government expenses, and the creation of an Ethics and Integrity Commissioner. Additionally, we introduced, for the first time in November 2015, whistleblower protection policy.

There is more work to be done. We will act swiftly to respond to the report and its recommendations. I have asked Minister Roach to lead these efforts across government in a coordinated approach and report back to me and Cabinet.

While we work to implement the recommendations, we will do so with a view of strengthening transparency and accountability, and providing Islanders with good Government.

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