Tenders released for road, bridge improvements

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The province has released its second round of road and bridge tenders that includes projects vitally important for the Island economy.

Details on the tenders are available at Government of Prince Edward Island Tenders and their locations can be found on the 2017 Construction Map.

“Our highway system is the province’s most important piece of economic infrastructure because it enables us to move people and goods safely and efficiently from all communities of Prince Edward Island,” said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Paula Biggar. “Today’s road, bridge, and roundabout tenders help make our Island mighty by creating jobs, improving safety, and making it easier to transport our goods to markets both near and far.”

Government also has taken an important step forward in the Trans-Canada Extension project outside Cornwall by awarding the Environmental Impact Assessment contract to the environmental consulting firm Stantec. The company will assess the environmental impact of the proposed Phase 2B of the project – the new roadway running from North River to New Haven.

“We will build the Trans Canada Extension in a way that respects the environment and residents of the communities we touch,” said the minister. “Stantec’s work will help us carry out our work with care and consideration.”

The provincial government is committed to infrastructure investments that encourage economic growth and market access for rural industries. Infrastructure funding terms negotiated in 2016 allow for federal-provincial funding of Prince Edward Island’s 830 kilometres of collector roads – important local routes that connect many of our ports, farm communities and exporters to highways. 

Further tenders – along with dates and possible detours – will be incorporated into the project map and posted on Government’s 511 Website. Tenders are also available at Government of Prince Edward Island Tenders.


Highway Construction Tenders – Round 2

  • Route 152 – St. Edward – Resurfacing 1.2 km
  • Route 150 – Alberton/Union – Resurfacing and asphalt widening 2.3 km
  • Route 2 – Bloomfield Corner - Roundabout construction
  • Route 142 – O’Leary – Resurfacing 1.2 km
  • Route 124 – Wellington – Resurfacing 1.3 km
  • Trans-Canada Highway Extension – Cornwall – Phase 2A – Roundabout construction
  • Route 6 – Grand Tracadie – Asphalt widening 1.2 km
  • Route 21 and 215 – Mount Herbert – Roundabout construction
  • Irving Avenue – Stratford – Road construction 0.13 km
  • Bridge Construction Tenders – Round 2
  • St. Raphael – Route 177 – Structure replacement
  • Stanley Bridge – Route 6 – Deck rehabilitation

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