Health PEI was created in July 2010 marking a major step toward realizing a One Island Health System that provides Islanders with the right care, by the right provider, in the right place. 

Structure and Employees

CEO's Office
Corporate Services
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Comptroller's Office

This section is responsible for the overall financial accounting and payroll administration for Health PEI. This includes responsibility for the administration of accounts payable and accounts receivable, and preparation of Health PEI’s financial statements. This section is also responsible for the Medicare office, which provides services related to Medicare registration, health card renewals, physician billings and Medicare claims auditing.

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Health Information and Performance
Materials Management

The Materials Management Department provides comprehensive services for the acquisition of goods, services, and capital for Health PEI. This includes tendering and contract management for most of the departments and services within the organization. Health PEI is a participating member in two group purchasing organizations and Materials Management coordinates work with clinical staff on these national tender initiatives.

The Department processes purchase requests and orders from health care staff, ensuring compliance to organizational purchasing policies. The Department maintains inventories of medical/surgical supplies at seven sites across the organization, as well as delivering to medical units’ supply rooms in various Health PEI facilities.


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Planning, Evaluation and Audit
Family and Community Medicine and Hospital Services West
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Home Care, Palliative Care and Geriatric Care

This section provides leadership, management, policy/program development and operation of the Home Care Program, Palliative Care Program and Provincial Geriatric Program. The Home Care Program provides professional, consultative, and support services to help clients remain safely at home longer and return home from hospital sooner. Specialized programs within Home Care include Adult Protection, Adult Day Programs, and Admission to Long-Term Care. Palliative Care includes the Provincial Palliative Care Center and the Provincial Integrated Palliative Care Program which enhances patient and family quality of life through access to trained, qualified health care teams in the most appropriate setting including the home, long-term care, community care facilities, palliative care units, and palliative care beds in acute care settings. The Provincial Geriatric Program provides individualized comprehensive geriatric assessment to older adults with complex diagnostic care and support needs.

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Network Medical Directors

Network Medical Directors provide medical leadership and expertise to ensure effective delivery of medical services to residents in Primary Care Networks across the province and to assist Heath PEI with accomplishing its goals and objectives.

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Primary Care and Chronic Disease

This section provides leadership, management, policy/program development and service delivery for chronic disease prevention and management (Provincial Diabetes Program, Organized Stroke Care, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening and special projects) and the five primary care networks (Kings, Queens East, Queens West, East Prince and West Prince). The Provincial Patient Registry, 811 telehealth, and the Provincial Insulin Pump Program are managed in this section. This section is also responsible for Aboriginal health integration projects. 

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Prince County Hospital, Community Hospitals West and the Provincial Renal Program

The Prince County Hospital is the second largest acute care hospital in PEI that deliveries a range of programs and services, including emergency services, surgical services, inpatient services, support services, and ambulatory care services (endoscopy, minor surgery, cancer care/oncology, nursing clinic, stroke clinic, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition counseling, cardio-pulmonary testing and treatment and asthma/COPD education). This section is also responsible for Community Hospitals West, which includes Community Hospital O’Leary (extended care, restorative, convalescent, palliative and respite care) and Western Hospital (acute and palliative care services with a daytime emergency department service and overnight collaborative emergency service). The Provincial Renal Program (renal care and dialysis treatment – hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) is also delivered by this section.

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Public Health and Children's Developmental Services

This section provides leadership, management, policy/program development and service delivery of Public Health Nursing, Public Health and Family Nutrition, Speech Language Pathology, Audiology, Dental Public Health (Children’s Dental Care Program, Preventative Orthodontic Program, Long-Term Care Facilities Dental Program, Cleft Palate Orthodontic Treatment Funding Program) and the Pediatric Psychology Unit. The section also provides leadership and coordination of services to children with complex needs and is the liaison with the Chief Public Health Office at the Department of Health and Wellness. 

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Human Resources and Pharmacare
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Human Resources (East, Central, QEH and West)
Integrated Disability Management
Labour Relations
Organizational and Board Development

The primary function of this section is to provide support, planning and development assistance to the Health PEI Board. This section is also responsible for system leadership development and workplace resilience. 

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Pharmacare Program
Medical Affairs
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Program Medical Directors

Program Medical Directors provide medical leadership and support to ensure the scope, standards, and quality of service is met within their areas of expertise. 

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Mental Health and Addictions Services
Professional Practice, Quality and Patient Experience and Chief Nursing Office
Provincial Services, Long-Term Care and Hospital Services East
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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging provides provincial coordination and standardization of all diagnostic imaging services (general radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance Imaging, nuclear medicine, bone mineral density, ultrasound, echocardiography, mammography and radiation oncology services) that are provided at Island hospitals (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Prince County Hospital, Souris Hospital, Kings Country Memorial Hospital, Community Hospital O’Leary, and Western Hospital). Collaborative programs include the Provincial Breast Screening Program, the co-joint UPEI/HPEI School of Radiography and the Medical Physics/Quality Control Program.

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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services provides a full scope of clinical and anatomical laboratory services to support clinical programs and provides a standardized service delivery regardless of patient location on Prince Edward Island. The Laboratory Services section is comprised of all hospital-based medical laboratories delivered through the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Prince County Hospital, Kings Country Memorial Hospital, Western Hospital, Souris Hospital and Community Hospital O’Leary. 

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Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care is responsible for program delivery of nine public long-term care facilities (Colville Manor, Riverview Manor, Prince Edward Home, Beach Grove Home, Summerset Manor, Wedgewood Manor, Stewart Memorial, Margaret Stewart Ellis Home and Maplewood Manor) located across the province and financial support for individuals in private long-term care beds. This section is also responsible for Sherwood Home, a long-term care facility for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities who need either residential or respite care. 

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Patient Flow and System Utilization
Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services is responsible for the safe and effective supply of medications and medication-related advice to Health PEI hospitals, manors and other patient care facilities. Leadership in the development and maintenance of the Provincial Drug Formulary is also supported by this section. As well, they are responsible for the operation of PEI public drug programs which provide Islanders with access to pharmaceutical products and services in the community. This section also operates and provides training related to the use of the provincial Drug Information System.

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Community Hospitals East

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is the provincial referral centre for specialized hospital services, including emergency services, surgical services, inpatient services, support services, ambulatory care (asthma education, eye clinics, same-day treatment, hemodialysis, specimen collection, special testing services, shared clinics and endoscopy), and the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre. This section is also responsible for Community Hospitals East, which includes Souris Hospital (acute care, extended care, restorative, convalescent, palliative and respite care) and Kings County Memorial Hospital (acute care services and maintaining a 14-hour emergency department) that provide a wide range of programs and services to their communities in Eastern Prince Edward Island.

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