Stray Livestock

What is stray livestock?

Under the PEI Stray Livestock Act  “livestock” means (i) cattle, horses, sheep, swine, goats, or (ii) animals of a class or type designated in the regulations as livestock.

and defines stray, or at large, as livestock that is 

  1. not under the direct or continuous control of a person, 
  2. not securely confined within a structure or a vehicle, 
  3. not on the enclosed land of the owner, or 
  4. not on enclosed land with the permission of the landowner;

What do I do if I see stray livestock?

Stray livestock should be reported to your local RCMP detachment for the safety of the animal(s) and the public.  Contact numbers for the RCMP are found below. 

Prince County  
West Prince (Rosebank) 902-853-9300
East Prince (Summerside) 902-436-9300
Queens County  
Prince Edward Island Headquarters  (L Division)(Charlottetown) 902-566-7112
Queens District (Maypoint Charlottetown) 902-368-9300
Stratford  902-367-9300
Kings County  
Montague 902-838-9300
Souris 902-687-9300

What details should I provide?

  • Description of the type and number of animals at large AND
  • Detailed description of their location, including the nearest civic number if possible.
Published date: 
December 5, 2022

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