Water Act

The goal of a Prince Edward Island Water Act is to protect the quality and quantity of our water and ensure that the supply is healthy and sustainable now and into the future.

What is the status of the Water Act?

The Water Act was passed in the legislature in the fall of 2017. The version that was passed is available for download.  

The Act can start to be implemented when the first set of regulations have been developed.

The next step in the process is to draft these regulations. Updates on the development of the regulations will be provided on this page, as well as an opportunity to submit comments. 

Several documents related to the development of the Water Act are available below.

  • Water Act - highlighted version – This document shows the changes that have been made as a result of public consultation. The changes from the previous version of the draft Water Act to the first reading legislation version are shown as red highlighted text.​
  • Inside the Water Act – A summary document that explains the components of the draft Act.​
  • Water Act Section Summary – A quick summary of the various sections of the Water Act. ​
  • Water Act Presentation – A presentation regarding the Water Act

How was the Water Act created?

A white paper was released in 2015 followed by public consultations conducted by the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).  The Council released the Water Act Public Consultation Report in May 2016. Visit A Water Act for PEI website for information from the 2015 consultations conducted by the Environmental Advisory Council and the 2016 Water Act Public Consultation Report.

From the consultations, government developed a draft Water Act. The act consolidates previous legislation and also creates new legislation in areas such as groundwater allocation, discharges into fresh and marine water environments, and mandated targets for water quality.  

Additional public consultations occurred during the spring of 2017 on the draft Act.

Companion documents from the consultation process of the draft Water Act are available below: 

Can I comment on the Water Act?

Yes, you can submit your comments on the Water Act online. 

Published date: 
November 23, 2017
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