Approved Forest Management Plans - Kings County

The plans listed below have been approved for the Public Forest properties in the Kings County Region.

Alliston. PID 259663 and 259655
Allison. PID 259671

Anderson Rd:
Anderson Rd. PID 374488

Annadale. PID 153791

Bangor. PID 188342

Bayfield. PID 605196

Bull Creek Rd:
Bull Creek Rd. PID 109983
Bull Creek Rd. PID 110072
Bull Creek Rd. PID 550491

Brothers Rd:
Brothers Rd. PID 124578

Cambridge. PID 257717
Cambridge. PID 257808
Cambridge. PID 484543

Cardigan. PID 163196
Cardigan. PID 539486

Cherry Hill:
Cherry Hill. PID 786632

Corraville. PID 161711

DeGros Marsh:
DeGros Marsh. PID 167395

Dingwells Mills:
Dingwells Mills. PID 165498

East Baltic:
East Baltic. PID 109959

Fanning Brook:
Fanning Brook. PID 384925

Five Houses:
Five Houses. PID 120204
Five Houses. PID 609834

Fortune. PID 150532

Gairloch. PIDs 326405 326694 326413 492736

Glenfanning. PID 158071
Glenfanning. PID 583476  

Glenmartin. PID 260620

Goose River:
Goose River. PID 122408
Goose River. PID 403915
Goose River. PID 539916 & 1015494
Goose River. PID 551135

Grants Rd:
Grant Rd. PID 104570
Grant Rd. PID 105551
Grant Rd. PID 550244

Hermanville. PID 148791

Hughie Joseph Rd - Monticello:
Hughie Joseph Rd. PID 115600

Iris. PID 243253
Iris. PID 243485

Jacks Rd:
Jacks Rd. PID 326314

Kenny Rd:
Kenny Rd. PID 123596

Kilmuir. PID 244202
Kilmuir. PID 244392
Kilmuir. PID 540906

Kingsboro. PID 479691
Kingsboro. PID 891507
Kingsboro. PID 108506

Launching. PID 167395

Lorne Valley:
Lorne Valley. PID 450155

MacEwen Rd:
MacEwen Road. PID 177956

Millburn. PID 189324
Millburn. PID 189381

Mill Rd:
Mill Rd. PID 167387

Monticello. PID 115600

Mt. Hope:
Mt. Hope. PID 609875

New Harmony:
New Harmony. PID 10545 PID 107227 PID 107219

New Zealand:
New Zealand. PID 539874

Peakes Rd: 
Peakes Rd. PID 187724

Primrose. PID 157354
Primrose. PID 157370
Primrose. PID 157396

Red Point:
Red Point. PID 107532

Rock Barra:
Rock Barra. PID 113845
Rock Barra. PID 113852
Rock Barra. PID 114041

Rock Barra. PID 148791

Roseneath. PID 163261 483339 551325
Roseneath. PID 551325

Selkirk. PID 143990

Souris Line Rd:
Souris Line Rd. PID 104950
Souris Line Rd. PID 106039
Souris Line Rd. PID 583526

Southampton. PID 120329
Southampton. PID 120584

St. Charles:
St. Charles. PID 129718
St. Charles. PID 435982
St. Charles. PID 823377

St. Georges:
St. Georges. PID 608786

St. Georges Rd:
St. Georges Rd - Loyalist. PID 164921
St. Georges Rd. PID 167122

St. Margarets:
St. Margarets. PID 114439(includes PID's 114470, 114488 & 468660)
St. Margarets. PID 114454
St. Margarets. PID 115287
St. Margarets. PID 115428

St. Marys Rd:

St. Marys Rd. PID 257139
St. Marys Rd. PID 483230 & 260059

St. Patricks Rd:
St. Patricks Rd. PID 123224
St. Patricks Rd. PID 179168 
St. Patricks Rd. PID 179176

St. Peters Harbour:
St. Peter's Harbour. PID 583757

Staghbohgie Rd. - (Head of Cardigan):
Staghbohgie Rd. PID 163261

Valleyfield. FSC. PID 272237.

Windon Rd:
Windon Rd. PID 187468 

Wood Islands:
Wood Islands. PID 324772

How can I get a copy of a public land forest management plan for a property in Kings County?

Contact the Eastern Forest District office at 902-961-7296 and provide the community name and PID number(s) for the properties you want. A pdf of the plan will be sent to you by e-mail.

Where can I see Kings County plans that are seeking comment?

The Feedback on Forest Management Plans - King County page contains plans that are open for public comment.

How can I offer my comments?


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Published date: 
February 6, 2019
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