Approved Forest Management Plans - Prince County

Approved Plans

For information on approved forest management plans for Provincial Forest properties in the Prince County region, look for the applicable community and select the property or properties you are interested in.

Note: The boundaries of the Western Forest District's operational zone do not always correspond to county lines. Therefore, a property may be listed on the site for an adjacent county.

How can I Access Approved Plans?

Send the Community Name and the property number(s) for the public lands you are interested in to the Western Forest District office in Wellington and they will e-mail a pdf copy to you.

Pending Plans

To see pending forest management plans in the Prince County region that are seeking review and input, visit: Feedback on Forest Management Plans - Prince County. Look for the applicable community and select the property or properties that interest you. 

Approved Management Plans 


Alaska. PID 49924
Alaska. PID 57869
Alaska. PID 58503
Alaska. PID 579271
Alaska. PID705822

Alma. PID 14787
Alma. PID 14795
Alma. PID 14803

Arlington. PID 95216

Baie-egmont. PID 481960

Bloomfield. PID 38075
Bloomfield. PID 38158
Bloomfield. PID 38190

Borden-Carleton. PID 211086

Brockton. PID 16162
Brockton. PID 16394
Brockton. PID 16402
Brockton. PID 16493
Brockton. PID 16535
Brockton. PID 36483
Brockton. PID 428839
Brockton. PID 545483

Burton. PID 48306
Burton. PID 48157

Camp Tamawaby:
Camp Tamawaby. PID 66001

Campbellton. PID 2691

Cap-Egmont. PID 265090
Cap-Egmont. PID 265181
Cap-Egmont. PID 265553
Cap-Egmont. PID 265595
Cap-Egmont. PID 265611
Cap-Egmont. PID 265629
Cap-Egmont. PID 265637
Cap-Egmont. PID 265645
Cap-Egmont. PID 265793
Cap-Egmont. PID 460279
Cap-Egmont. PID 580290

Cape Wolfe:
Cape Wolfe. PID 49650

Central Kildare:
Central Kildare. PID 14985
Central Kildare. PID 14969

Conway. PID 28787
Conway. PID 545467

Derby. PID 59014
Derby. PID 59089
Derby. PID 59139
Derby. PID 59147
Derby. PID 59261
Derby. PID 59402

Duvar. PID 38976
Duvar. PID 39016 
Duvar. PID 39024
Duvar. PID 39040
Duvar. PID 39115
Duvar. PID 39123
Duvar. PID 39156
Duvar. PID 39180
Duvar. PID 39412
Duvar. PID 39503
Duvar. PID 48009.
Duvar. PID 38950
Duvar. PID 39040
Duvar. PID 39115
Duvar. PID 476028

East Bideford:
East Bideford. PID 25379 & 438382
East Bideford. PID 25783
East Bideford. PID 25916
East Bideford. PID 658401

Ellerslie-Bideford. PID 27565

Enmore. PID 22814
Enmore. PID 23358
Enmore. PID 23473
Enmore. PID 23580

Forestview. PID 48926
Forestview. PID 49049

Foxley River:
Foxley River. PID 50690

Freetown. PID 880609

Glengarry. PID 38836
Glengarry. PID 538694

Glenwood. PID 414870

Greenmount. PID 17152

Harmony. PID 24208
Harmony. PID 24240
Harmony. PID 24349
Harmony. PID 24356
Harmony. PID 52811

Hebron. PID 57323

Inkerman. PID 289223

Kensington. PID 918771

Kildare Capes:
Kildare Capes. PID 15396

MacNeils Mills
MacNeils Mills. PID 28621
MacNeils Mills. PID 454033

Maple Plains:
Maple Plains. PID 223701
Maple Plains. PID 467951

Maximeville. PID 272765
Maximeville. PID.272823
Maximeville. PID 272872
Maximeville. PID 272914
Maximeville. PID 272922

Milo. PID 481812

Miscouche. PID 63644 

Mount Carmel:
Mount Carmel. PID 264226

Mt. Pleasant:
Mt. Pleasant. PID 24562
Mt. Pleasant. PID 24786
Mt. Pleasant. PID 24778
Mt. Pleasant. PID 24869
Mt. Pleasant. PID 25007​
Mt. Pleasant. PID 25155
Mt. Pleasant. PID 25320
Mt. Pleasant. PID 428748
Mt. Pleasant. PID 605840

Murray Road:
Murray Road. PID 51805
Murray Road. PID 51813

North Enmore:
North Enmore. PID 22863
North Enmore. PID 22871
North Enmore. PID 23036
North Enmore. PID 23127
North Enmore. PID 501700
North Enmore. PID 538298 & PID 548800

Palmer Rd:
Palmer Rd. PID 11957
Palmer Rd. PID 12096

Piusville. PID 36483

Poplar Grove:
Poplar Grove. PID 27938
Poplar Grove. PID 28258
Poplar Grove. PID 497990
Poplar Grove. PID 569848

Portage. PID 538504

Richmond. PID 52258
Richmond. PID 52266
Richmond. PID 52381.
Richmond. PID 52415 & PID 52621
Richmond. PID 52431

Roseville. PID 1842
Roseville. PID.1875
Roseville. PID 1883

Roxbury. PID 47787
Roxbury. PID 47720

Southwest Lot 16:
Southwest Lot 16. PID 61630
Southwest Lot 16. PID 61648
Southwest Lot 16. PID 590554

St. Chrysostome:
St.Chrysostome. PID 266718 

St. Gilbert:
St. Gilbert. PID 268136​
St. Gilbert. PID 268573

St. Hubert:
St-Hubert. PID 267724
St-Hubert. PID 268110
St-Hubert. PID 268425
St-Hubert. PID 651299

St. Lawrence:
St. Lawrence. PID 2246
St. Lawrence. PID 2352
St. Lawrence. PID 14720
St. Lawrence. PID 14787
St. Lawrence. PID 14795

St. Nicholas:
St. Nicholas. PID 399980
St. Nicholas. PID 399998
St. Nicholas. PID 434118

St. Peter & St. Paul:
St. Peter & St.Paul. PID 567586

St. Raphael:
St. Raphael. PID 262998

Wellington Centre:
Wellington Center. PID 66001 

Wellington Center. PID 66019 
Wellington Center. PID 66043
Wellington Center. PID 66068

Wellington Center. PID 66217 
Wellington Center. PID 261339

Wellington Center. PID 615625 
Wellington Center. PID 1007665 

Woodstock. PID 47456
Woodstock. PID 510453


As plans are developed revised or up dated, they are posted in Feedback on Forest Management Plans - Prince County. The public and stakeholder are encouraged to provide comment and input,  Look for the applicable community and select the property or properties that interest you.

How can I offer my comments?

To offer your comments, contact:

Mr. Mike Montigny 
Field Services Manager
Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division
PEI Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change
Box 2000
​Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Published date: 
September 6, 2023
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