Approved Forest Management Plans - Queens County

Approved Plans

For information on approved forest management plans for Provincial Forest properties in the Queens County region, look for the applicable community and select the property or properties you are interested in.

Note: The boundaries of the Eastern and Western Forest Districts' operational zones extend into Queens County. Therefore, each community listed in this page will have an E for the Eastern Forest District office or a W for the Western Forest District office to indicate which district you should contact with comments or questions.

How can I view an Approved Plan for Queens County?

Send the Community Name and the PID number(s) you are interested in to the appropriate Forest District office in Wellington or Southampton. A pdf will be sent to you by e-mail.

Pending Plans

To see pending forest management plans in the Queens County region that are seeking review and input, visit: Feedback on Forest Management Plans - Queens County. Look for the applicable community and select the property or properties that interest you.

Approved Management Plans


Afton Rd - E:
Afton Rd. PID 130203
Afton Rd. PID 130211
Afton Rd. PID 130229
Afton Rd. PID 130260
Afton Rd. PID 130948
Afton Rd. PID 132050
Afton Rd. PID 132092
Afton Rd. PID 149971
Afton Rd. PID 547323

Alberry Plains - E:
Alberry Plains. PID 185892

Anderson Rd - E:
Anderson Rd. PID 149146

Auburn - E:
Auburn. PID 184168
Auburn. PID 691444

Avondale - E:
Avondale. PID 173138
Avondale. PID 627513

Brookvale - W:
Brookvale. PID 225375 & 859587
Brookvale. PID 225326
Brookvale. PID 225441
Brookvale. PID 225458
Brookvale. PID 225466
Brookvale. PID 719393

Dromore - E:
Dromore. PID 123393
Dromore. PID 125377
Dromore. PID 125385

Dromore. PID 125542
Dromore. PID 129924
Dromore. PID 129932
Dromore. PID 184358
Dromore. PID 303891
Dromore. PID 635433

Dromore. PID 849943

Fredericton - W:
Fredericton. PID 290791

Hope River - W:
Hope River. PID 235093 

Inkerman - W
Inkerman. PID 289223

Kellys Cross - W:
Kellys Cross. PID 225045
Kellys Cross. PID 225268 & 
PID 225284

Millvale - W:
Millvale. PID 235390

Riverdale - W:
Riverdale. PID.219212 & PID 804245 & PID 219204
Riverdale PID. 825729

Stanley Bridge - W:
Stanley Bridge. PID 933325

Watervale - E:
Watervale. PID 125526 
Watervale. PID 305227

How can I offer my ideas and comments:


Mr. Mike Montigny 
Field Services Manager
Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division
PEI Department of Environment, Water and Climate Change
Box 2000
​Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8

Published date: 
January 19, 2024
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