Prince Edward Island Coastal Property Guide

What is the Prince Edward Island Coastal Property Guide?

The Prince Edward Island Coastal Property Guide answers basic questions relating to what you can and can’t do with your coastal property.  It also discusses the potential risks of living on the coast and what you can do to adapt to these risks.  It provides answers to questions such as:

  • How are coastal properties unique?
  • What are the risks of living on the coast?
  • What are my options for adapting to coastal risks?
  • Are the rules for coastal properties the same everywhere?
  • Can I subdivide my coastal property?
  • What is a Buffer Zone, and how does it impact my coastal property?
  • How close to the water can I build?
  • How are my water and septic services impacted by the coast?
  • Can I insure my property against coastal risks?
  • What resources are available for those living on the coast?

Where can I obtain a copy of the Prince Edward Island Coastal Property Guide?

You can download a copy HERE, or contact to request a free paper copy.


This is an updated version of the Guide originally published in 2016.


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