State of the Coast

What is the State of the Coast Report?

The Province commissioned the Canadian Center for Climate Change and Adaptation (CCCCA) at University of PEI to publish the PEI State of the Coast Report (2023).  The Report provides an overview of the current conditions of PEI’s coastline, highlighting the state of both natural and human systems along the coast.  The Report provides the background information necessary to develop policies for better coastal management. 

What is the Interim Coastal Policy Recommendations Report? 

Building on the work in the State of the Coast Report, CCCCA has made a number of recommendations for future action and policy direction.  The Interim Coastal Policy Recommendations Report identifies a number of priorities for government to consider. 

What are the next steps?

Government will closely review all recommendations and release a more detailed implementation plan soon.


Published date: 
December 5, 2023