Canadian Collaborative Procurement

As of May 2016, Public Works and Government Services Canada has permitted non-federal jurisdictions and specified organizations to use PWGSC Standing Offers Supply Arrangements and Request for Proposal to purchase certain goods where non-federal jurisdictions and specified organizations have been identified.

These include:

  • Provincial jurisdiction
  • Territorial jurisdiction
  • Municipal jurisdiction
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Intergovernmental organizations
  • Canadian aid agencies
  • Canadian public health organizations


The Province of Prince Edward Island entered an agreement effective June 7, 2016, with Public Works and Government Services Canada that allows Prince Edward Island to access PWGSC’s standing offers, RFPs and other procurement tools on a voluntary basis.

Prince Edward Island will specifically be identified within the procurement tool when the Province is participating. Government entities may access these tools immediately once awarded. Municipal, Academic, Institutions, Schools and Hospitals Sector may access them once they have signed an access agreement with the Province and are named in specific procurement instrument as an authorized user.

The referenced Procurement Instruments are federal instruments and are hosted by Public Services and Procurement Canada here

Use of these Procurement Instruments is limited to Authorized Users.  Authorized Users are provincial or territorial entities that have received authorization from their respective province or territory to use the Procurement Instruments under the accountability of the province or territory in question. 

The Government of Canada assumes no responsibility or liability for the province or territory use of its Procurement Instruments.



Ian Burge, Manager of Procurement Services

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Published date: 
June 16, 2017
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