Property Taxes and Charges

The annual property tax statement is mailed in early May from the Taxation and Property Records Division

The provincial real property tax rate for commercial and non-commercial property in PEI is set at $1.50 for each $100 of taxable value assessment. All residents of PEI are eligible for the provincial tax credit of $0.50 per $100 of taxable value assessment on any non-commercial property that they own. In addition, each municipality and each fire district sets their own property tax rate. These rates are set in March of each year. Find your municipal or fire district tax rate.

Island Waste Management Corporation sets the rates for garbage collection in Prince Edward Island. Information on rates and services are available on the IWMC website.

How is my property tax assessed?

Sample Property Tax Calculation

In this example, it is assumed that you own a non-commercial residential property in Charlottetown valued at $150,000. For 2015, the non-commercial municipal tax rate for Charlottetown is $0.67 per $100 of assessment.

Sample property tax calculation
Type of Tax or Charge Dollar Amount
Taxable Value Assessment $150,000
Provincial property taxes ($150,000 / $100 x $1.50 $2,250
Less Provincial Tax Credit ($150,000 / $100 x $0.50 $750
Municipal property taxes ($150,000 / $100 x $0.67) $1,005
Island Waste Management Corporation charges $205
Annual Charges $2,710

When will I receive my statement of account?

You will be sent a Statement of Account – Property Charges from the Taxation and Property Records Division in early May of each year.  This statement will show the current year taxes and fees and any arrears balance. The statement also provides installment amounts, dates and payment stubs. Page 3 of the statement provides you with the market value assessment and taxable value assessment of your property.

When are payments for property charges due?

Installment dates for payment of property charges are May 31, August 31, and November 30. Accounts in arrears will be charged one-and-a-half (1.5) per cent interest per month calculated on a daily basis. You can make property charge payments at banks, credit unions, internet banking, at Access PEI centres, by mail, or at the payment drop box located at 95 Rochford Street, Charlottetown.

Where can I find real property tax bulletins?

You can locate property tax bulletins on our website or by contacting the Taxation and Property Records Division at (902) 368-4070 or email at to request copies of the bulletins.

Are there any property tax credits or programs in PEI?

You may be eligible to apply for one or more of the following:

Fill out a Provincial Property Tax Program Post Card and send it to the Taxation and Property Records Division to get information about these programs in hard copy.

What happens if my property taxes are overdue?

If your property taxes are overdue for 24 months and no acceptable payment plans have been made, you will receive a notice from the Taxation and Property Records Division stating that the property will be sold to recover the overdue taxes and interest. You have 12 months to make plans for payment; otherwise the property will be sold. Properties for sale are advertised in the local newspaper and in the Royal Gazette to be sold in public auctions.

What happens to the proceeds from property tax sales?

When your property has been sold in public auction, the proceeds from the sale are used to pay:

  1. expenses for advertising and selling;
  2. all property tax arrears and interest that has accrued to the date of the sale;
  3. any other taxes owed to the Province by the assessed owner of the property; and
  4. any outstanding charges owed to a municipality or municipal corporation.

Once these are paid, you will receive the rest of the proceeds.

Can municipalities be reimbursed for outstanding sewer and water charges?

If property located in a municipality is sold in a property tax sale, the municipality can apply to be reimbursed for outstanding sewer and water charges. Reimbursement will occur if there are any funds in excess of amounts owing to the Province . Fill out a Request for Payment of Outstanding Sewer and Water Charges from Proceeds of a Property Tax Sale form and send it to the lawyer conducting the sale. You must submit the form before the property tax sale takes place.

How do I apply for a property tax refund?

If there is a credit to your property tax on your statement of account, you can:

  1. use the credit towards the next year’s property taxes; or
  2. request for a property tax refund.

Fill out the Request for Property Tax Refund form and send it to the Taxation and Property Records Division.

How do I change the property owner's mailing address and correct the property owner's name?

Fill out the Request for Change of Assessed Owner’s Name or Address form and send it to the Taxation and Property Records Division if the address of the property owner needs to be corrected or changed or the property owner’s name needs to be corrected.

Can I add or remove names and addresses from my assessment notices?

Fill out an Authorization to Send Assessment Notice and Property Charges to Other Party form and send it to the Taxation and Property Records Division to add, change, or delete a name and/or address of the designated taxpayer for a property or properties.

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Published date: 
March 1, 2016