Empowering Islanders Through Physiotherapy

Vanessa Carragher, a passionate physiotherapist at Prince County Hospital in Summerside, loves the multifaceted nature of her profession.

"One day I might be helping someone recover from surgery," she explains, "while another could involve guiding someone with heart or lung disease through our cardiac and pulmonary rehab program." This constant variety keeps her days fresh and stimulating.

Her own experiences as a gymnast fueled her desire to empower others through physiotherapy.

Lifelong Learner in a Supportive Team

"Every patient brings unique challenges," says Vanessa. "There's always something new to learn." Fortunately, Health PEI fosters a collaborative environment. "We have a fantastic team," she exclaims. "Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and rehab assistants all work together to provide the best possible care for our patients. Seeing this teamwork and its positive impact is incredibly rewarding."

The "Aha Moment"

Witnessing a patient's breakthrough is a highlight for Vanessa. "There's this 'aha moment' when a patient grasps the self-management strategies I've taught them," she describes, "and they experience a positive shift in their health. Empowering Islanders to take control of their well-being is what I find so fulfilling about physiotherapy."

Island Advantage: A World of Opportunity

Despite Prince Edward Island's size, Vanessa emphasizes the surprising variety of physiotherapy career opportunities available. "Even on a small island like PEI, there are so many options," she shares. Vanessa is actively involved in the provincial physiotherapy association, which works to showcase the diverse range of physiotherapy services offered across the island.

Inspired by Vanessa's Story?

Vanessa's journey exemplifies the fulfilling path physiotherapy offers. Consider exploring this dynamic field! 

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Published date: 
May 28, 2024
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