Parents managing anxiety and depression through Tranquility

A new research project is providing parents access to tools to cope with anxiety and other mental health concerns. For parents across PEI, learning how to adapt during a pandemic has not been easy. COVID-19 has provided unique demands and challenges for parents as they manage several roles – parent, teacher, employee, and caregiver.

With the undertaking of these extra roles, the health and wellbeing of parents is not always a top priority. Tranquility for Parents was developed to meet these personal demands by providing supports and services that are flexible and tailored to meet individual needs. The program allows parents to choose whether they want to complete the program independently or with the support of a coach.

“Tranquility’s online platform helps parents manage anxiety, depression or both through Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)” Said Dr. Amanda Hudson, Director of Mental Health and Addictions Research with Health PEI. “Research shows that 60% of people with anxiety or depression experience symptoms of both.”

Clinical studies have shown significant improvements in anxiety and depressive symptoms in adults who have completed the Tranquility program. The online adaptable and flexible program allows parents to focus on their well-being at their own pace.

“It was everything I needed all these years. When I started having problems a few years ago, I started seeing a Psychotherapist, I thought that was what I needed, it helped, but it didn’t give me the skills to deal with the issues in the future,” said an anonymous Tranquility parent. “When I couldn’t access the therapist, I was lost, but with this program, I can be my own therapist and I have the tools for my life.”

Parents or caregivers who are experiencing signs of anxiety or depression and who have a child under the age of 18 may qualify to participate in the program.

There are a number of e-health and online supports available to Islanders who may be experiencing mental health or substance use concerns. Visit Bridge the gApp at to access resources and programs and select what best meets your needs.

For more information on Tranquility for Parents: You can also contact 506-458-7924 or

For more information on e-mental health programs in PEI or mental health and addictions research in PEI, please contact Dr. Amanda Hudson at

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Published date: 
July 26, 2021
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