Support Services Workers are the Heart of any Healthcare Facility

“This is a very strong team,” said Cheryl Norton, acting support services manager, when speaking about her colleagues Suzanne and Mary Lee.

Suzanne Buckland, food services supervisor and Mary Lee Larkin, supervisor of housekeeping, oversee support services employees at Souris Hospital and Colville Manor. Suzanne also manages the food service staff at Kings County Memorial Hospital.

Support services include a range of roles within environmental services, food service, and maintenance. 

“They make decisions together, they troubleshoot together. I call them my two right hands,” said Cheryl.

“We work really well together, and it really helps the staff,” said Suzanne. “They know that when one of us isn’t there, they can count on the other. When we’re split between different sites, we try to ensure one or the other is at one of the sites.”

“We have to be on the same page,” said Mary Lee.

Healthcare facilities depend on support services staff. They couldn’t run without them. These staff are essential in every healthcare facility. Ensuring they feel appreciated and supported within the system is important.

“When it comes to staff, it’s the littlest things that mean the world. They just need to feel appreciated,” Cheryl said. “We try to do fun things that help to boost morale, and I see it coming around. COVID was a difficult time for support services staff. During that time staff were very isolated but we’re seeing that changing now. They really support each other.”

Suzanne echoed these sentiments, “Validating staff and ensuring they feel heard, that’s a big part of my day. We have some fabulous teamwork here. The staff support each other, it’s amazing. When one is struggling, they jump in to help, it may not be their best friend, but they’ll be there to support them no matter what.”

It’s not just about staff supporting each other, patients and residents are always top of mind and support services staff interact with them daily.

“Many support services staff are in patient’s rooms regularly, they become very familiar,” Mary Lee added.

“They are the little light in the day that the patients or residents wait for. Staff may be their only visitor that day. Both enjoy that opportunity to interact.”

“It makes the staff feel that they are giving more, beyond what their traditional role may be,” said Suzanne.

“This is why you choose healthcare, the people and the nurturing environment, trying to make things better for everyone.” 

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Published date: 
May 27, 2024
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