Ultrasound Wait Times

What is the wait time to have an ultrasound?

On average, you can expect to wait*

Emergency patients:  Done immediately
Urgent patients:  22 days
Semi-urgent patients:  86 days
Non-urgent (or routine) patients:  102 days

Timeframe:  as of March 31, 2022

How are ultrasounds prioritized?

Each request for an ultrasound is assessed by a radiologist to determine the urgency of the request and then is booked and done as follows: 

Emergency patients:  Within 24-48 hours
Urgent patients:  Within 14 days
Semi-urgent patients:  Within 28 days
Non-urgent (or routine) patients:  Within 84 days

How is the wait time measured?

The wait time measured is from the date your ultrasound request is received until the date your ultrasound is performed.

This does not include the wait time from your visit with your family physician and the referral received for an ultrasound appointment. 

This chart displays the wait time measured as being from the date your ultrasound request is received until the date your ultrasound is performed.

What influences a wait time? 

Your wait time may be influenced by:

  • demand for service;
  • resources;
  • your own request or cancellation of an ultrasound;
  • vacation/time-off; or
  • holidays.

What is the wait time data?

What other information is available?

For more information about ultrasounds, visit Diagnostic Imaging Services or the Canadian Association of Radiologists website.

* This estimate is based on data collected for the latest period January to March 2021 from the RISPACS System.  Data exclusions are: emergencies, inpatients, pre-booked routine and routine pre-natal obstetrical ultrasounds performed at 18-20 weeks gestation.


Published date: 
November 17, 2022
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