Trademark Licensing - "Island Blue" mussels and "Malpeque" oysters

Malpeque oysters, Island Blue mussels and Anne of Green Gables are trademarked products that require a licence to market

"Island Blue" mussels and "Malpeque" oysters

Innovation PEI is responsible for licensing for the use of trademarks associated with "Island Blue" mussels and "Malpeque" oysters, or their variations, and the bilingual equivalents of these.

As the sole licensing agent for these trademarks, Innovation PEI requires that any individual, sole proprietorship, limited company, partnership, or incorporated company make an application to Innovation PEI for their use. 

Licenses granted by Innovation PEI permit the use of the specified trademark(s) requested for a specified period and may include packaging, marketing, and sale of Prince Edward Island cultured/cultivated mussels and Prince Edward Island wild/cultivated oysters.

Please refer to the Trademark Licensing Application for the list of terms and conditions regarding the use of trademarks.

Published date: 
July 29, 2022
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