Seat Belts

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the Seat Belt Regulations state that the use of seat belts is mandatory for all drivers and vehicle passengers in Prince Edward Island.

Every person who is a passenger or driver of a motor vehicle and is at least 16 years of age, is required to wear a seat belt if they occupy a seating position for which a seat belt has been provided.

The driver is responsible for ensuring that a passenger under 16 years of age is wearing a seat belt if a seating position is available to them. Young children must be in an approved "child restraint system" prescribed for their age, height, or weight. 

If a vehicle came equipped with seat belts, they must be maintained in good condition and not altered in any way to reduce their effectiveness.

What are my responsibilities as a vehicle owner?

  • Do not remove seat belts from the vehicle
  • Replace broken, worn out or previously removed seat belts
  • Maintain seat belts in good condition
  • Do not modify a seat belt in any way that will reduce its effectiveness

What are my responsibilities as a driver?

  • Use the available seat belt
  • Make sure all passengers under 16 years of age wear available seat belts
  • Make sure every child is secured in appropriate infant or child safety seat

What are the responsibilities of my passenger(s)?

  • Use the available seat belt(s)

Are there any exemptions to these rules?

Seat belts do not have to be worn in the following situations:

  • A driver of a vehicle which is travelling in reverse
  • A passenger when all available seating positions with seat belts are occupied
  • A firefighter while in or on a vehicle of a fire fighting organization
  • A medical attendant in an ambulance transporting a patient
Published date: 
March 27, 2023
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