Employment Legislation

If you plan to hire employees you must become familiar with your legislated rights and responsibilities as an employer. The Employment Standards Act, the Youth Employment Act as well as other labour legislation sets rules and requirements for employers and their employees on labour matters such as:

  • Wages, benefits, deductions, gratuity and employment record keeping;
  • Vacation, statutory holidays, special leave and time from work;
  • Work classification or designation (full-time, part-time, casual, seasonal and contract);
  • Conditions of employment such as work hours, breaks and overtime,  right to return to work, continuous employment, and notice of termination;
  • Discrimination and harassment policies and complaint process.

For clearer understanding of the labour standards and employment laws in PEI, go directly to the related legislation or refer to the Guide to the Employment Standards. 

The following legislation is related to employment in Prince Edward Island:

More information is available in Guide to Employment Standards.

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Employment Standards Act
Human Rights Act
Retail Business Holidays Act
Labour Act
Workers Compensation Act
Youth Employment Standards Act

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June 6, 2024
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