Capital Budget invests in health, education, well-being of Islanders 

Investing in Infrastructure

The 2019-2020 Capital Budget will invest $156.6 Million in schools, affordable housing, mental health facilities and transportation infrastructure – the largest-ever capital budget in our province.

“Our government has focused on building a strong economy and thanks to Islanders, we are seeing great success,” said Finance Minister Heath MacDonald. “Now we are very pleased to accelerate spending in areas that benefit Islanders directly – whether it’s the children in our schools, patients in our hospitals, drivers on our roads, or Islanders as they navigate through their days.” 

Highlights include:

Investing in Children and Schools: 

  • Construction of a new elementary school in Sherwood ($19.1M over the next four years)
  • Construction of a secondary school in Stratford ($38M over the next four years)
  • New classrooms in West Royalty ($4.7M over the next two years) and completing additional classrooms at Stratford Elementary($5M) and Lucy Maud Montgomery Elementary ($5.6M)
  • Improving technology in Island classrooms (over $2M)
  • 20 new school buses ($2.1M)

Investing in Affordable Housing:

  • Construction of new affordable housing units ($16.8 million over next two years)
  • In assistance with Federal Social Infrastructure Fund, 32 new senior units in the Summerside area
  • In assistance with the Federal Social Infrastructure Fund, 20 new transitional units for victims of family violence in Charlottetown

Investing in Healthcare:

  • $100 million over the next five years to build – province-wide- an advanced and modern series of facilities
  • Replacement of the Picture Archiving and Communication System ($7.2M in the next year) 

Investing in Safer Highways and Climate Action: 

  • Improvements to highways and roads ($56M in the next year)
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging stations ($730,000 in the next year)

“These significant new investments have been made possible through the hard work of Islanders and the fiscal responsibility of our government,” said Minister MacDonald. “We are listening and ensuring that we spend wisely in the areas that mean the most to Islanders. 

Budget documents are available at Prince Edward Island Capital Budget and a map of new and recent road and bridge capital investments can be viewed at Prince Edward Island Capital Budget Map

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