COVID-19 Vaccine doses and appointments available for children 6 months to 5 years of age

Prince Edward Island has expanded eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine to include all children 6 months of age and up to 5 years old to increase protection against COVID-19 and to reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalization. In addition to any immediate illness, children are vulnerable to developing long COVID-19 and the long-term health impacts of post-viral illnesses are not yet known. 

The Moderna Spikevax® vaccine has been shown to be 50.6% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 infection starting 14 days after the second dose among study participants aged 6 to 23 months and 36.8% among participants aged 2 to 5 years.

Children receiving Moderna Spikevax® 6 months to 5  years of age should wait 2 weeks before or after receiving any other vaccine before getting your COVID-19 vaccine.

Health PEI will monitor available appointments and add in additional appointments across the province as needed.

As summer events continue to happen across P.E.I., we are asking the public to consider the following Public Health Measures to help decrease the risk of obtaining COVID-19 and serious health outcomes as a result of having a COVID 19 infection:

  • Get your Booster vaccine, which is available for those 12 years and over at most Community Pharmacies; in addition adults and children (6 months and older) can book an appointment online using SKIP the Waiting Room or calling toll-free 1-844-975-3303. 
  • Although we try to keep up with the demand, if there is not a clinic available in your area please check one of the other sites that may have availability at an earlier date. Additional clinics will be added as needed.
  • Those 12 years of age and over are eligible for a booster dose if it has been 6 months after your last dose, and 3 months after a previous COVID-19 infection.
  • Getting a booster dose is important for better and longer lasting protection against serious illness and hospitalization due to COVID-19.
  • Wearing a mask in indoor public spaces and outdoor crowded places will help prevent spread of COVID-19.
  • Open windows and doors to ventilate enclosed spaces whenever possible
For more information, visit: Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Jessica Bruce, MPR
Senior Communications Officer, Health PEI

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