Government approves Liquor Control Act regulation changes

Cabinet has approved three changes to the province’s Liquor Control Act regulations addressing liquor licensing and consumption.

The approved amendments align Prince Edward Island with the rest of Canada and specifically:

1.    allow an individual or business to hold a liquor-agency license and another type of liquor license (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick also do not currently permit this, but New Brunswick is considering making the same change);

2.    authorize the PEI Liquor Control Commission to respond quickly to industry changes – and licensee needs – by modifying the province’s liquor license application forms and licences when necessary (liquor commissions in all other provinces and territories can already do this); and

3.    permit conveyance and consumption of alcohol on boats that are moored, anchored, or otherwise secured to land or a stationary dock and have permanent sleeping, cooking, and washroom facilities.

The second and third amendments relate to legislation passed by the Legislative Assembly in the spring that received Royal Assent on May 13. All three take effect July 23.

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