Liquor Control Act changes will reduce red tape

Improvements to the province’s Liquor Control Act will reduce red tape and create more opportunities for Island businesses.

The regulatory amendments are part of the provincial government’s ongoing review of the Liquor Control Act announced in April 2017. A full-time staff resource is now dedicated to reviewing the act, its regulations and policy, and consulting with Island businesses. 

“While the complete overhaul will be a longer process, we want to act now to address a number of simple irritants identified by the community,” Finance Minister Heath MacDonald said. “These changes will address outdated regulations and allow licensees more discretion over their own operations.” 

These regulatory changes take effect June 16 and include: 
•    a simplified approval process for underage entertainers;
•    a reduction to the package sales license fee; 
•    a reduction in the required acreage to be on or adjacent to a winery; and
•    an extension to caterer’s license eligibility.

“Our industry serves hundreds of thousands of customers every year on the Island, while providing thousands of jobs,” said Luc Erjavec, vice president Atlantic, Restaurants Canada. “We are very pleased to work closely with the PEILCC to develop new regulations that reduce barriers for small businesses and allow us to better serve our customers in a responsible manner.”

“Music PEI and our members are very encouraged by these new changes to the outdated Liquor Control Act,” said Rob Oakie, executive director of Music PEI. “This should allow greater access for our many underage musicians to perform and more access to families with minors to attend musical performances in venues that have been restricted in the past. These changes will help increase attendance for all ages to enjoy and experience these performances while also increasing potential revenue for artists and venues.”

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Regulatory amendments to the Liquor Control Act:

•    minors attending licensed events – regulations have been expanded to add other specific events, besides a wedding, that minors can attend without the licensee having to obtain Liquor Commission approval; 
•    underage entertainers – PEILCC will no longer be involved with the approval process, this now rests solely with the licensee; 
•    minors in certain licensed premises for a meal – the 10 p.m. cut-off time of allowing minors accompanied by a parent in age restricted premises for a meal has been extended to 2 a.m.;
•    caterer’s license – eligibility has been extended so holders of a club or special premises license with a fully operational kitchen may apply for a caterer’s license;
•    package sales license – the annual fee has been reduced from $50 to $25; and 
•    winery acreage – for all winery license types, the required acreage to be on or adjacent to the winery is now two acres, not the entire amount of acreage.

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