Mental health enhancements continue

Government is committed to modernizing mental health services, including safety and security upgrades at Hillsborough Hospital.
In 2017-18 Prince Edward Island will begin a master plan for mental health programming and facilities. This work will bring mental health services more in line with the vision put forward in the recent mental health and addictions strategy, Moving Forward Together.
“We need a modernized approach for mental health in this province,” said Health and Wellness Minister Robert Henderson.  “Over the past few years we have made tremendous progress in enhancing mental health programs and services. As future planning gets underway, care and safety standards need to be met at the current Hillsborough Hospital.”
During the next year, the capital budget provides funding to begin the functional programming and master planning for our mental health facilities. This step is essential in modernizing inpatient and outpatient services in the province, identifying the number and type of care required, determining the most appropriate setting to provide these essential services, and developing the best staffing model for operating these facilities.  
While that planning is underway, a $600,000 capital investment will provide upgrades to increase safety and security for patients and staff at Hillsborough Hospital, the province’s main psychiatric facility.

The investment will allow for facility wide closed-circuit television, added security features in two patient units, and new electrical and fire panels to be added in the building.
Planning for the security upgrades is ongoing with the goal of completing the work by March 31, 2017. Upgrades such as the closed circuit television system and security monitoring station can be moved to a new facility.
“The priority of our mental health and addictions service is to provide quality patient care in facilities that meet high standards of safety and security,” said Dr. Heather Keizer, Health PEI chief of mental health and addictions. “This investment to enhance security at Hillsborough Hospital is foundational to our ability to provide this for our patients and staff.
Hillsborough Hospital provides specialized care, long-term treatment, and rehabilitation for individuals facing acute or enduring mental illness, cognitive disabilities, or psycho-geriatric conditions. For more information, visit Hillsborough Hospital.

To view the complete provincial mental health and addictions strategy, visit Moving Forward Together.

Improving mental health and addictions services is a key pillar of this government’s commitment to improve our overall health care system. Spending for mental health and addictions has rose 43 per cent - from $28 million in 2007 to over $46 million today. Some accomplishments made to date include:

• The Strength Program has reduced out-of-province treatment referrals for youth to zero over the last 18 months;

• The Strongest Families initiative is providing telehealth support for families in need;

• The transition unit at the Provincial Addiction Treatment Facility in Mount Herbert has significantly reduced wait times for the facility;

• The new Bridge model will allow service providers to work together to identify and support individuals and families at acutely elevated risk of harm;

• The Triple P parent support program is expanding across the province; and

• The Reach Program is helping to transition young people back into the community.
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