Molly signs off from the Net Zero Cruiser

After a summer of driving the Net Zero electric vehicle and spreading the message of the importance of energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Molly Doyle is saying goodbye. 

Our Net Zero Ambassador is heading to university, but she had a few insights about the lessons learned from travelling the province. 
The most important lesson, “always plan ahead!”

Molly laughs as she recounts a few near misses and close calls when she realized she was getting low on battery and was not close to a charging station.

“It’s the same as running out of gas and no one wants that to happen,” she said. 

Fortunately, she managed to get to the charger and the crisis was averted. 

“With a gas vehicle you can think less about your pit stops in advance. EV’s require a bit more of a plan.” But she noted there are so many more charging stations in the province this year than last. “It does make a difference.”

Over the course of the summer she attended many Island events including; Canada Day celebrations, the Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival, and Georgetown Summer Days. 

But one of her best experiences of the summer was the recent Electric Vehicle Day held in Summerside at the Credit Union Place. 

“It was such a positive experience. Everyone was so interested in the electric vehicles and had so much helpful information to share,” she said. “

There was a lot of feedback on the positive benefits of electric vehicles. I really enjoyed it.”

Molly said she met numerous tourists during the summer and noted many of those driving EVs were from Quebec. The visitors she met said like Prince Edward Island, Quebec has embraced EVs and has similar incentives.

Molly said one thing she really tried to hit home during her time travelling across the province was ensuring people understand the term Net Zero.

“I tell them it doesn’t mean no gas emissions, but that the gas emissions produced are equal to the amount of energy we are producing from other renewable resources, like wind and solar.” 

Looking back on her experience, she would do it all again. “I love meeting people and giving information on electric vehicles and energy efficiency. It is great to see many Islanders making positive changes in their lives for the environment, both big and small.”

She noted most people agree that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. 

According to the Province of Prince Edward Island’s Net Zero Framework, 44% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by transportation. 
Electric vehicles are part of the path forward.

“Shifting our lifestyles takes time, but we are moving in the right direction.”

For more information on electric vehicles and energy efficiency visit: Electric Vehicle Incentive.

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