More help available for people at Island food banks during storm recovery

More help is available to Islanders who need it through Island food banks as part of response and recovery efforts following Hurricane Dorian.

Island food banks will provide immediate food relief to Islanders, particularly the most vulnerable, who lost power and may be relying on the support of food banks in the interim.

“I’m so glad that our network of food banks will be able to help people across the province with their most urgent food needs by working together with provincial government,” said Mike MacDonald, executive director of PEI Food Banks.

Island food banks are receiving $50,000 in provincial government funding to help Islanders with their most urgent food needs.  

“Hurricane Dorian is causing wide-spread challenges for Islanders and recovery from that will take time. All Islanders have come together to help their neighbours and friends and we need to continue to support those in need so that we are all healthy and safe.”

 - Ernie Hudson, Minister of Social Development and Housing

The Chief Public Health Office and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have advised that foods can become a health and public safety concern during power outages and Islanders should be aware of when food is safe to keep and consume.  

“Islanders have been exceptional at taking care of one another during the initial days of this devastating storm,” said Bloyce Thompson, Minister of Justice and Public Safety. “It is important that Islanders not take the risk of consuming spoiled foods as food safety is a very important part of the storm recovery.”

Government also recognizes and thanks all first responders, law enforcement agencies, community partners and Islanders who have taken swift action to support the recovery efforts and to help each other.  

Visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for food safety recommendations. 

Updates on response and recovery efforts as well as other safety tips can be found on @peipublicsafety on Facebook and Twitter.

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Food safety reminders

  • A refrigerator will keep food cold for about four hours. 
  • A full freezer will keep the temperature for about 48 hours. 
  • Keep food supplies that do not require refrigeration on hand. 
  • Discard any food that has been at room temperature for two or more hours, and any food that has an obvious unusual colour or odour. 
  • Remember, food that has gone bad does not always smell bad or appear spoiled. 
  • If the food still contains ice crystals or feels refrigerator-cold, it can be re-frozen. 
  • If raw food has leaked during thawing, clean and disinfect the areas the food has touched. 
  • Do not reuse cloths you have used for clean-up until they have been disinfected by washing in hot water. 
  • If power is out for more than a day, discard any medication that should be refrigerated, unless the drug’s label says otherwise. 
  • If a life depends on the refrigerated drugs, consult a doctor or pharmacist. When in doubt, throw it out!  

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