New PEI Indigenous Art Bank and Arts Grants

Government is launching two new art programs that celebrate and support the accomplishments of PEI Mi’kmaq and other Indigenous artists living in PEI.

The PEI Indigenous Art Bank acquires, loans and displays art that was purchased or donated and pieces will be displayed in public spaces. The Indigenous Arts Grants provide funding to assist and encourage the work of the Indigenous arts community in the province.

“There's a saying we use, nothing about us without us. It’s nice to finally have something for us, by us,” said Patricia Bourque, consultant for the Indigenous arts programs. “The past support I received from provincial art grants has helped me access resources, and build my confidence and passion for creating.”

“Indigenous art is a powerful form of visual storytelling. From the materials they use to the traditional techniques, every element has meaning and intent. Creating a dedicated Indigenous Art Bank and Arts Grants gives all Islanders a chance to see beautiful pieces of art and at the same time, learn about Indigenous culture through the artists’ work. Whether the art is about their personal journey or the history of the PEI Mi’kmaq, they tell stories that will encourage us all to reflect on how Islanders can promote a fair and inclusive province.”

- Premier Dennis King, Minister Responsible for Indigenous Relations

“In the spirit of friendship and reconciliation, we are committed to maintaining and growing Indigenous culture in Prince Edward Island,” said Minister of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Matthew MacKay. “These new programs are just a couple of examples of how we are focused on doing just that. We value the traditions and identity of Indigenous artists and our hope is that these programs will help enhance their contribution to Prince Edward Island’s cultural richness.”

To learn more about the PEI Indigenous Art Bank and to apply visit: Apply for PEI Indigenous Art Bank Acquisition

To learn more about the Indigenous Arts Grants and to apply visit: Apply for Indigenous Arts Grant program.

Successful applicants will be selected by a jury of their Indigenous art community peers.  

Members of the Indigenous arts community are invited to apply to become a jury member, visit: Nominate PEI Indigenous Art Bank Acquisition Jury Member

To apply for the Indigenous Arts Grants jury, visit: Peer Assessment Jury Recommendation Form

The programs were developed in partnership with PEI Mi’kmaq artists and artisans and with guidance from best practices across federal and provincial jurisdictions. They will provide Mi’kmaq and other Indigenous artists with increased opportunities to learn, create, and share their work. 

A key item of the PEI Culture Action Plan is for all Islanders to have opportunities to engage with the art forms that derive from Indigenous language, worldviews, practices, and protocols. 

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