Watershed groups will receive stable, fair funding

A new funding formula will improve how Island watershed organizations receive provincial funding.

Funding will now be distributed more fairly and predictably to the watershed groups – which work to protect and improve some of the Island’s most environmentally sensitive areas. The provincial government provides watershed groups more than $1.12 million each year.

“Watershed groups provide an invaluable service that we as a government are extremely proud to support,” said Communities, Land and Environment Minister Robert Mitchell. “The development and approval of this formula has truly been a collaborative process between government and watersheds, and I want to express my appreciation to all watershed members for their willingness to work with us to ensure the conservation, protection and enhancement of our Island waterways.”

The approved formula will allocate 50 per cent of the funds based on size (or area managed); 25 per cent based on performance, 12.5 per cent based on leveraging (or funds raised from other sources), and 12.5 per cent based on community involvement. It will be reviewed each year and adjusted as needed based on feedback from groups and the PEI Watershed alliance.

The formula also ensures transparency in funding and addresses the groups’ yearly concern around funding predictability and stability, allowing groups to plan for the longer term.

“The watershed alliance is pleased that the Watershed Management Fund formula is moving forward,” said Dale Cameron, chairperson of the P.E.I. Watershed Alliance. “We feel the transparency of the new formula allows our groups to clearly see where they excel and where they can improve. We wish to thank the department and minister for the unbiased support throughout the formula development process.”

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