Insurance Adjuster License

Effective January 4, 2022 please note that there are changes to the PEI Insurance Agent and Adjuster Licensing Process

To apply to become a licensed insurance adjuster in Prince Edward Island, submit the online form below with the completed application (PDF), all associated documentation and the licensing fee, which is $200.

Insurance Adjuster License Search

You can check whether an insurance adjuster is licensed in PEI by going to the following link: Licensed Insurance Adjusters

Licensing Information

Licensing Period

Both probationary and full adjuster’s licenses are issued for a two-year term.

Adjuster's Licenses

There are two types of adjuster's licenses in PEI.

  1. Probationary License
  2. Full License

Anyone acting as an adjuster in PEI must hold a license.

(1) Probationary License

  • All probationary licensees must be supervised by a full licensee. 
  • Supervising licensee must review, and countersign all claims reports and settlement offers completed or submitted by the probationary licensee. 
  • Both the supervising and probationary licensee must sign a Supervision Undertaking detailing this relationship.
  • Probationary Licenses can be issued for a maximum of 5 years unless an extension is granted by the Superintendent of Insurance. Extensions are granted in very limited situations, which usually involve a leave of absence from work (ie. maternity/paternity leave, serious illness, etc.).  
WARNING - If you have reached the maximum 5 year probationary license period, prior to applying you should reach out to us requesting how to proceed by emailing: Licensing fees are non-refundable. If you are ineligible for a probationary license and do not meet the qualifications for a full license, you will not be issued a refund. 


    (2) Full License 

    To obtain a full license, the probationary licensee must have a minimum of two years of practical experience and complete the following educational requirements within the prescribed timeline:

    Timeline Educational Requirements
    Within Initial Probationary year

     Insurance Institute of Canada course(s):

    • C11 - Principles and Practice of Insurance OR  
    • C81 General Insurance Essential - Part 1 and C82 General Insurance Essentials - Part 2, as an equivalent
    Within 5 years 

    Eight courses from the Insurance Institute of Canada syllabus, including the following five mandatory courses:

    • C11 - Principles and Practice of Insurance 
      • OR C81 General Insurance Essential - Part 1 AND C82 General Insurance Essentials - Part 2 as an equivalent
    • C14 - Automobile Insurance - Part 1
    • C 32 - Bodily Injury Claims
    • C110 - Essentials of Loss Adjusting OR C17 - Claims 1, as an equivalent
    • C111 - Advanced Loss Adjusting OR C46 - Claims 2, as an equivalent



      • Licensed in Another Canadian Jurisdiction: If applying for a full license and you hold an equivalent full license in another Canadian jurisdiction, you must provide a copy of your current full license from another Canadian jurisdiction. 

      • Unlicensed Non-Resident Adjusters: Some Canadian jurisdictions do not require a license under certain circumstances. Applicants for a full license who do not hold an equivalent full license in another Canadian jurisdiction, must have acted as an adjuster for at least 2 years and provide a transcript confirming the successful completion of the minimum educational requirements outlined above.


      The licensing fee for a full or probationary license is $200 for a 2-year term.

      Licensing fees are non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued to unsuccessful applicants. 

      Apply or Renew

      To apply for or renew an Adjusters License in PEI follow the below steps:

      • Download and complete the Adjusters License Application Form
        • This application is for both new and renewals
        • Applicant must sign page 3 of the Application
        • If applying for a probationary license:
        • If applying for a full license (first time)
          • Must provide a transcript showing that they meet the minimum educational requirements.
        • Non-resident applicants
          • Must provide a copy of their insurance adjuster's license from their home jurisdiction
          • If the applicant does not hold a license in home jurisdiction, provide a copy of transcript confirming that they meet the minimum educational requirements listed above.
      • Submit your application and pay fee by clicking on below button entitled: "Apply/Renew/Change License"



      This service accepts payments using VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, and Debit MasterCard.