Insurance Regulation

The Office of the Superintendent of Insurance regulates the business of insurance in Prince Edward Island.  All insurers, agent and adjusters operating in the province are required to be licensed under the Insurance Act

We encourage you to take the time to discuss your policies at purchase, and from time to time, with your agent or insurer, to ensure you continue to maintain the coverages which are right for you.  In addition, you should shop around to obtain various quotes as the coverages available and their cost may vary from insurer to insurer.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance is the only type of insurance for which rates are regulated in Prince Edward Island.  The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission regulates these rates.  They may be reached at (902) 892-3501.

Information on Ridesharing and Insurance 

Information on Electronic Proof of Automobile Insurance (EPAI)

Consumer Complaints and Inquiries

If you have a problem concerning insurance there are steps you may take on your own which often leads to a resolution.

Step 1:  Contact your agent or adjuster to discuss your concerns as they may be able to assist you in reaching a resolution.  Have you policy papers and details of your concerns prepared before you call.

Step 2:  If you are unable to reach a resolution through your agent or adjuster, contact a senior representative of your insurance company.  The company representative should be willing to discuss your issue with you and attempt to reach a resolution.

Step 3:  If you still have not reached a resolution, most insurance companies have an internal ombudsperson who you can contact for an additional level of review.  There are two groups to assist you depending on the type of insurance:

For home, auto, commercial and other types of general insurance:

For life, accident & sickness, creditor and other health insurance:

If you do not reach a resolution through this process you may contact our office.  We will assess your situation and provide advice and assistance as necessary.  Please note however, that we are unable to take on a direct role in settling an insurance claim and do not have authority to direct any particular action to be taken in the settlement of a claim.

Also note that at any point, you may opt to contact a lawyer.  The Community Legal Information Association of Prince Edward Island's "Lawyer Referral Service" may provide an initial assessment of any legal recourse you may have at a nominal rate.

Insurance Agent Licensing and Search

Insurance Adjuster Licensing and Search

Insurance Company Licensing and Search

Insurance Company Taxes and Levies

Direct Compensation Property Damage

Automobile Insurance Minor Injury Cap - Annual Indexation

Who can I contact for more information?

Phillip McInnis (Compliance Officer)
Shaw Building, 1st Floor
105 Rochford Street
Charlottetown, PEI
Telephone: (902) 368-4937
Fax: (902) 368-5283

Published date: 
May 13, 2022