Naming or Renaming a Place in PEI

The PEI Geographic Naming and Renaming (toponomy) Program provides a process for the public, including government, to name or rename a location in the province, or to modify the geographical area covered under an existing place name. Proposals will be considered for adding a name where none currently exists, rescinding a name no longer used, changing an existing name to a new name, or modifying a name due to error, i.e., misspelling or duplication. The PEI naming program ensures a consistent, transparent and inclusive approval process which aligns with guiding principles of the Geographical Names Board of Canada (GNBC).

Geographic names are recorded in the Official Places Names database on the Geographic Information System (GIS). See Canadian Geographical Names Database

The provincial naming process applies to unincorporated areas of the province only. Geographic areas that fall within municipal boundaries are subject to the naming process under the Municipal Government Act.

To seek the approval of a geographical name in PEI use the online form below or download, print and complete the application to Request a New PEI Place Name.

What is the process for proposing a place name in PEI?

Geographic naming requests are processed through the Taxation and Property Records division of the Department of Finance and must have final approval of Executive Council (EC). For more complex applications, Executive Council may appoint an advisory committee to coordinate the naming process and prepare a recommendation for approval. The same process is applied regardless of the source of the application, for example:

  • Community organizations and individuals may apply to request that a name be added or changed, or a locally known, commonly used name be entered into the database as the official name; and
  • Governments may request a name be changed or modified in cases where an existing name is derogatory, duplicated, or showing an error such as an inconsistency or misspelling.

Any naming application must demonstrate thoughtful research, public engagement, and local support from the community and Indigenous representatives. Proposals for names considered to be duplicated, derogatory or inappropriate will not be approved. 

Naming applications must comply with the six guiding principles of the PEI Geographic Naming and Renaming Program:

  1. Meaningful Indigenous involvement: The application demonstrates engagement with the Indigenous community throughout the renaming process.
  2. Accessible and clear process: The renaming process is clearly communicated to the public with easy-to-understand language and using multiple platforms, i.e. public sessions, mainstream and social media.
  3. Informative and transparent: Stakeholders have access to educational resources on toponyms and their importance. 
  4. Inclusive and respectful: The renaming process is designed with inclusiveness as a foundational element and incorporates feedback, follow-up communications and supports.
  5. Mindful of creating a sense of belonging: Renaming process is sensitive to the understanding that place names are emotional and hold value and a sense of identity and belonging to community members.
  6. Consistency and alignment: The naming application and approval process aligns with the guidelines on renaming published by the Geographical Names Board of Canada (GNBC).

What do I need to complete the online form?

You will need to provide:

  • Identity and contact details
  • Place proposed for naming
  • Existing and/or proposed new name
  • Clear description of the place (as applicable) including:
    • Location details, i.e. coordinates (current and proposed) 
    • Area details, i.e. community location, size, inhabited area
    • Detailed map and other supports, i.e. photos, sketches (upload field provided)
  • •    Reasoning and rationale for the request
    • Why the addition or change is important;
    • The origin, significance and meaning of proposed name
  • •    Proof of public engagement and support
    • Steps taken to inform, educate and engage members of the community
    • Community references, including contact information 
    • Letters of support from residents, community groups, and Indigenous representatives
  • Background research and supporting documentation, i.e. government database search, historical records (upload field provided)



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