PEI Indigenous Art Bank Acquisition

Indigenous Art Bank quill work

The Prince Edward Island Art Bank collection was established in 1979 to support and encourage visual artists living in Prince Edward Island. The works of art for the collection represent the artistic diversity of Island visual artists and are acquired through purchase (when funding is available), donation, gift and bequest. In 2021 an Indigenous Art Bank of Epekwitk was established to celebrate and highlight the artistic accomplishments of the Mi’kmaq people of Epekwitk (PEI). The PEI Culture Action Plan aspires for all Islanders to have opportunities to engage with the art forms that derive from Indigenous language, world views, practices, traditions and protocols.

As a professional visual artist or craftsperson living in Prince Edward Island for the past 12 consecutive months, you are invited to apply to have your work considered for acquisition for the PEI Art Bank Collection. 

For purposes of this program, you are a “professional” as long as you:

  • Have specialized training in your artistic field (not necessarily academic);
  • Are recognized as such by your artistic peers;
  • Have a history of public presentation; and
  • Are committed to devoting more time to the visual arts if it becomes financially feasible.

Is my work eligible for consideration?

The Prince Edward Island Art Bank is a working collection with most items displayed in reception and high traffic areas of public buildings and is also available for educational use. To be considered for acquisition, your work must be suitable (in form, size, condition and media) for immediate accommodation in a public space. Installations, performance pieces, works containing audio or video components and works with unusual display requirements cannot be considered for acquisition.

  • You may submit a maximum of two completed works. (Please complete a separate application for each submission.)
  • If your work consists of a series of pieces, the total number submitted must not exceed ten.
  • Your work must have been completed during the last two years.
  • Artworks must be display ready at the time of your application.
  • Incomplete works will not be considered.

What do I need to complete the online application?

You will be asked to provide:

  • Current contact information;
  • Artwork details including title, medium, size, completion date and purchase price;
  • A brief written description of your work, i.e. subject matter, process used, symbolic significance;
  • A resumé noting your education, experience, professional and artistic achievements; and
  • Colour digital image(s) depicting your completed, display-ready work. Please ensure the image is at sufficient resolution to be reproduced for jury viewing and that its title corresponds with the artwork title on the application form.  

Please note: Members of the selection committee may ask to view your artwork before making any decision.

How long will it take to complete the application?

If you have the above items gathered, you can complete the online form in less than 30 minutes.

What is the selection process?

The peer adjudication committee will consist of three members of the arts community and may include artists, dealers, collectors, curators and other knowledgeable individuals. No individual having a financial interest in the acquisition may sit on the committee. To ensure a variety of input, no jury member may sit on two juries in succession. Selected works will be announced in a press release. Names of jurors will be kept confidential.

If your submission is selected, you will be contacted within four weeks from submission deadline to complete a purchase agreement.

Click here to recommend someone or to self nominate for the adjudication committee. All jurors must be artists and/or arts professionals of First Nations, Métis and Inuit descent

The Prince Edward Island Art Bank Collection encourages artistic excellence, stimulates awareness and appreciation in visual arts, and preserves a history of art making in the province for present and future generations. Artwork is acquired through purchase, donation, gift or bequest. If you want to donate to the collection, please contact the Registrar of the Prince Edward Island Art Bank Collection.

How is art selected for the collection?

The PEI Art Bank is a working collection with most items displayed in reception and high traffic areas of public buildings. The program also makes art also available for educational use. In the spirit of friendship and reconciliation, we will help to maintain and grow Mi’kmaq culture and one way to accomplish this is to celebrate the art work that is being created and making that available for all Islanders to enjoy and appreciate. 

To be considered for acquisition, your work must be suitable (in form, size, condition and media) for immediate accommodation in a public space.

A peer review committee evaluates applications. This committee recommends works that reflect the creativity, expertise and experience of Island visual artists and comply with the objectives of the program.

How are members of the jury selected?

Members of the Mi’kmaq arts community are invited to apply to take part in the jury selection process. Please click here for more information on the jury selection process and to nominate someone/yourself.  

Where can I see the collection?

Pieces from the collection are displayed in provincial government buildings across Prince Edward Island. You can also view the PEI Art Bank Collection online:

How can I submit my work for consideration?

You can submit your applications online but clicking the Submit now button below. 

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications will be accepted between January 20th, 2025 and February 18th, 2025.

Who do I contact with questions?

Éliane Laberge
Bilingual Cultural Development Officer
Phone: 902-916-1854
Innovation PEI
94 Euston Street, Charlottetown

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