Cull Potato Holding Permits

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What is a cull potato holding permit?

A Potato Holding Permit is an official letter issued by a Regulatory Inspector with the Department of Agriculture.  It authorizes the permit applicant to hold bulk potato tubers or potato debris on their property under specified conditions from June 15th to August 31st.  

Why do I need a cull potato holding permit?

Section 5 of the PEI Plant Health Act Potatoes Regulations  specifies the requirement as a control measure to help prevent the development or spread of a regulated disease.  

How do I apply for the permit?

You must submit an application  before June 15, 2024.

What are the Best Management Practices for holding cull potatoes?

The Best Practices below have been prepared to provide guidance to all operators holding potatoes:

  • If the potatoes are not going to be used as animal feed, they should be first chopped with a snow blower or manure spreader and concentrated in a pile.
  • All cull piles must be covered with a barrier that will prevent the direct exposure to, or spread of, potato insects or diseases.Examples of acceptable barriers include:
    • Tarp
    • Straw, hay
    • Manure
  • All cull piles must be regularly monitored and managed to ensure the following:
    • Consistent coverage of all potato pieces
    • Immediate removal/covering of any volunteer potato growth, and
    • Controls such as the following are in place to mitigate odours, seepage and pests during holding:
      • Clay berm to prevent decomposition seepage leaving the vicinity and impacting a water supply,
      • Applying sawdust or woodchips to the perimeter to absorb decomposition seepage, and/or
      • Use of lime as needed to control decomposition odours.
  • An open access point may be permitted by an inspector for cull piles used as cattle feed.
  • Cooperate with Plant Health Inspectors and follow up on any direction they provide when they inspect the pile.
  • While the permit is only required by legislation from June 15th to August 31st, the best practice is to keep cull potato piles covered until there is consistent overnight frost.
    • If the covered pile does not fully decompose by that point, it can be uncovered in the winter and further dispersed for more effective decomposition.

How long is the cull potato holding permit good for?

From June 15th to August 31st, 2024

For more information, contact:

Attention: Regulatory Services Manager/Senior Regulatory Officer

PEI Department of Agriculture
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P.O. Box 2000,
Charlottetown, PEI C1A 7N8 

Phone: 902-368-4880 
Fax : 902-368-4857

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le 18 Octobre 2023

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