Island Community Food Security Program

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The Island Community Food Security Program is designed to support the expansion of local markets while simultaneously supporting goals related to community food security, particularly increasing access to affordable local food and improving health and food safety.  The program will focus on strengthening local food systems through community-led education and outreach activities, namely:

  • Linking farmers to consumers; 
  • Promoting good nutrition and healthy food choices;
  • Building community self-reliance and collaboration; 
  • Enhancing the pride and joy of growing, preparing, and eating food;
  • Building the capacity for people to create change through education and empowerment; and
  • Creating multi-sector partnerships and networks that work toward community food security. 

The program will also promote entrepreneurial development, planning and public education partnerships among community organizations, government and industry which explicitly support PEI residents in obtaining safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diets through a sustainable, local food system that maximizes community self-reliance.  

Am I eligible to apply for Island Community Food Security funding?

The following includes a summary of program and funding eligibility. Before completing the application form, please review program and funding criteria in the Island Community Food Security Program Guidelines .

Eligible Recipients

  • Mi’kmaq First Nations and other Indigenous groups;
  • Non-profit organizations with a registered charity number, business number, and/or incorporated number;
  • Agriculture industry organizations, clubs, and associations; and
  • Community-based coalitions, networks, municipal governments, schools, early childhood centres.


  • Organizations must have capacity to enter into a legal agreement to receive funding (i.e., a charitable organization number or a provincial incorporation number);
  • Projects brought forward by individuals not affiliated with an organization are not eligible; and
  • When more than one group collaborates on a project application a letter of support from the partnering organizations should be included.

Eligible Activities/Expenses

  • Healthy food education;
  • Implementing food literacy training for foodservices and/or procurement staff;
  • Developing a sustainable seasonal lunch menu for schools or early childhood centres, using primarily local ingredients;
  • Developing and piloting food literacy workshops or course modules;
  • Community fridges;
  • Seeds and other eligible costs for establishing and maintaining community/school/ gardens, greenhouses or indoor gardens (Seasonal);
  • Community meals;
  • Organizational events (meals at events promoting local food);
  • Materials, supplies and small equipment;
  • Training delivery costs (e.g., room rental, training supplies, printing and photocopying);
  • Professional fees (related to project only);
  • Promotion and marketing initiatives;
  • Travel (in province only);
  • Facility rental (excludes space already owned by organizations involved in the project); and
  • Other reasonable project-related expenses as identified in the project application and approved by the program committee.

What do I need to complete the application form?

Information required for all programs:

Application Form

  • Applicant contact information;
  • Business or organization information, including CRA registration number;
    • If applicable, Partnership information
  • Project start and end date; 
  • Additional sources of project funding;
  • Recipient type (i.e. primary producer, agricultural landowner, processor);
  • Type of industry (i.e. Dairy, potato, beef, hog, grains and oilseeds);
  • Signature for declaration and consent to personal information; and
  • Demographic information (optional).

Island Community Food Security Project Details:

  • Project proposal (1-2) pages with the following sections:
    • Cover page;
    • Executive summary;
    • Project objectives;
    • Timeline;
    • Results;
    • Sustainable CAP Outcome; 
    • Budget;
    • Evaluation;
    • Communication of support (if applicable)

For more information contact:

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