Swine Importation Permits

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What are the Swine Importation Regulations?

The Swine Importation Regulations of the Animal Health Act are in place to protect all swine on PEI from the introduction of specific diseases that could negatively impact or kill swine that become infected.

Why do I need to apply for a Swine Importation Permit?

Before swine can enter PEI,  they must be tested for these specific diseases to ensure they do not have them.   Prince Edward Island’s Chief Veterinary Officer reviews the test results provided with the application for a Swine Importation Permit to ensure they are acceptable before authorizing importation.

What is a Swine Importation Permit?

A swine importation permit is an official authorization issued by  the Chief Veterinary Officer for Prince Edward Island  allowing the  live swine indicated in the permit to enter  PEI.

Is a Swine Importation Permit required for pot bellied and Kunekune pigs?


Why do I need a Swine Importation Permit?

Having a Swine Importation Permit helps prevent the introduction of swine diseases not currently found on Prince Edward Island . This helps protect the health and welfare of all Island swine.  

Also, it is a legal requirement according to Section 3 of the Swine Importation Regulations for anyone importing swine onto Prince Edward Island.

Do I require a livestock premise ID for importing swine?

Yes. Livestock premise identification is required for all properties on PEI being used to keep (raise or assemble), grow or dispose of animals or food. The premises identification registry will identify the geographic location of all livestock and poultry in PEI which is necessary to effectively respond to an animal disease outbreak, food safety issue or an emergency such as extreme weather.

How do I apply for a Swine Importation Permit?

For more information, contact:

Agriculture Information Officer
PEI Department of Agriculture 
11 Kent Street, Charlottetown
Phone: 902-368-4145
Email:  opv@gov.pe.ca


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le 7 Juin 2022

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