Permit to Construct or Modify a Water Supply or Wastewater Treatment System

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Prior to the construction or modifications of a central water or a wastewater system, a “Permit to Construct” is required from the Department.  The permit will summarize the work the proponent is authorized to undertake and outline any special conditions for the construction.  

Are there any exceptions where I do not need a “Permit to Construct or modify” a central drinking water or wastewater system?

The following exemptions exist:

  • Where a municipality plans to extend or replace an existing water or sewer main line by up to 150 metres, including up to two sewer manholes or hydrant or valve installations, there is no permit required provided:
    • the municipality has a standard set of specifications and procedures acceptable to the Minister for the work, and 
    • the design engineer employed by the municipal utility is overseeing the work
  •  A permit is not required from the Department for the establishment of a semi-public water supply system, although such systems are still required to be registered with the department and to meet other requirements under the regulations or imposed by other regulatory agencies.

How do I obtain a “Permit to Construct”?

With the exception of the small projects mentioned above, prior to the construction or modification of water and wastewater systems, the owners are required to hire an engineer licensed to practice in Prince Edward Island to complete and submit a design package to the Department for approval.

The following is a list of items required to be submitted, as part of the design package:

  • Official name of the developer/owner
  • Legal owner of the land where the facility will be constructed
  • Contact information - mailing address and phone number of developer and owner
  • Official name of the municipality and utility, if applicable
  • Name of consulting engineering firm
  • Name of design engineer licensed to practice in PEI
  • Contact information - mailing address of consulting engineering firm
  • Stamped design drawings and specifications
  • Design summary/brief
  • A separate Itemized cost estimate for each component of the Distribution, Sewer Collection/Pumping and Wastewater Treatment system including construction, contingency, engineering, and HST
  • Submission of the Permit to Construct Application Form
  • Payment of the application fee
  • Provided the design meets regulatory requirements, standards and guidelines and good engineering practices and all appropriate the information has been submitted, a Permit to Construct can be issued. 

Once the project is completed, is there any other information that needs to be submitted to the Department?

Yes, once the project has been substantially completed, the permit holder or engineer overseeing the project must submit to the department the following information: 

  • Within 30 days of substantial completion of the project, a letter stating the date of substantial completion, the name of the general contractor(s) and a list of deficiencies and/or departures from the original design package, signed by engineer,
  • Within 180 days of substantial completion, record drawings, signed by the engineer, and
  • All submitted information should reference the permit number and any other information requested as a condition of the permit.  

What are the application fees for a “Permit to Construct”?

There is a fee to obtain a Permit to construct or modify facility, as follows: 

  • Total Project Cost less than $200,000 - fee of $100 
  • Total Project Cost less than $200,000 to $999,999 - fee of $500
  • Total Project Cost more than $1,000,000, - fee of $1,000

Fees are HST exempt. Make cheques payable to PEI Minister of Finance.

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le 5 Février 2024
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