Subdivision of Land

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When do I need to apply for a subdivision approval?

A subdivision approval is required when any parcel of land is divided (e.g., to create a new lot or lots). An approval is also required to add more land to an existing lot, or to join two or more lots. 

Where do I apply, and who issues the approval? 

If your property is in a municipality that has an Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw, contact the local municipality office. To find out if you live in a Municipality with an official plan refer to our Municipal Boundaries Map. You can refer to the Municipal Land Use Planning page for more information. 

For properties within a Municipality without an official plan and bylaw and properties outside of a Municipality it is the Province's jurisdiction. 

How do I submit an application? 

The subdivision approval process can vary depending upon the location and number of lots proposed. Contact a Safety Standards Officer below to guide you through the process. 

Download and complete the Application for Permission to Subdivide Land / Change Use

What are the fees? 

Refer to the schedule of fees. HST is not required and make cheques payable to the Minister of Finance.

Can I appeal a decision (to approve or reject a property subdivision)?

If you wish to appeal a decision regarding the subdivision of land, you may file an appeal with the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC) within 21 days following the date on which the decision was issued. To determine whether you have a right of appeal, carefully review Section 28 of the PEI Planning Act - Subdivision and Development Regulations.

Date de publication : 
le 1 Mars 2021