Municipal Government Act and Regulations

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The Municipal Government Act (MGA) raises the standards regarding good governance, financial accountability, administration and service delivery while providing municipalities with greater authority, flexibility and discretion. It came into effect on December 23, 2017.


What regulations are part of the MGA

Certain requirements of the MGA are also subject to regulations.  

Regulations in effect

Access to Information and Protection of Personal Information Regulation

  • Regulations that govern access to information and protection of personal information. 

Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses Bylaw Regulations 

  • Regulations that outline the required content for a municipality's mandatory bylaw for campaign contributions and election expenses.  

Financial Plan Regulations 

  • Regulations regarding municipal financial planning and reporting.  

General Regulations 

  • Regulations regarding specific notice requirements and insurance obligations. 

Municipal Election Regulations

  • Regulations that govern the running and conduct of municipal elections.  

Procedural Bylaw Regulations 

  • Regulations that outline the minimum content for a municipality’s mandatory procedural bylaw.   

Principles, Standards and Criteria Regulations 

  • Regulations related to municipal restructuring and the creation of new municipalities. 

Plebiscite Regulations

  • Regulations that govern the conduct of a municipal plebiscite. 

Records Retention Regulations

  • Regulations that govern the definition of a record and record keeping requirements.

Why was the MGA Introduced?

The Municipalities Act came into force in 1983 and was based on legislation first drafted in the 1940s. Since the 1980s, the legislation had undergone several major reviews and had been amended on a number of occasions.

Today's municipalities require modern legislation that is consistent with the principles of democracy, good governance and service.

View "New Municipal Legislation: What's Changing" to learn more about the key areas of change for municipal governments with the original transition to the MGA.   

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le 2 Février 2021
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