About the Chief Public Health Officer's Report 2016

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The Chief Public Health Office produces a report every two years to keep the public informed of changing health trends that impact the Island population. Health equity is the focus of the report. Strategic decisions based on the findings of this report can inform health policy and programs, produce more health for Islanders, and thereby decrease health inequity. 

What are some determinants of health in PEI?

Approximately twenty social determinants of health impact the health status of Islanders. These determinants include income, social status, education, literacy, social support networks, physical environment, personal health practices, coping skills, child development, biology, genetics, gender, health services, culture and more.

How do social determinants of health impact health equity?

Social determinants of health may influence health status positively or negatively. For example, unemployment, crime, and illiteracy may impact individuals negatively and to varying degrees in various communities across the province. The result is varying levels of health inequity, defined as the unequal distribution of determinants of health.  Conversely, employment, civil obedience, and literacy may impact Islanders positively to varying degrees across the province. 

How do Islanders address health inequity?

Health equity is a value that is shared in PEI. Reducing health inequity can create a more inclusive, economically viable, and healthful population that can improve the level of health for all Islanders. Health inequity is addressed through the redistribution of societal resources so that the individuals can increase control over their health and thereby improve their health. Redistribution of resources is integrated into public policymaking using several levers:

  • Sustainable, root-cause, population level interventions
  • Health sector leadership
  • Intersectoral engagement and governance
  • Health in all policies
  • Monitoring progress

Main Report 

The main report, Health For All Islanders or La santé pour tous les insulaires summarizes the main findings around health equity and social determinants of health. The findings apply specifically to the Province of Prince Edward Island. 

Technical Appendix

The technical appendix is a 40-page statistical summary used to generate the main report. For many variables, a ten-year chronological listing of results is provided to help assess trends over time (including the level of change between surveys).  

Press Release

A short, concise, summary of Health For All Islanders appears in the press release.

Date de publication : 
le 7 Juin 2016
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