About the PEI Energy Corporation

The North Cape wind farm was the first megawatt farm in PEI.

The PEI Energy Corporation develops and promotes the development of energy systems and the generation, production, transmission and distribution of energy in all its forms on an economic and efficient basis, to provide financial assistance for the development, installation and use of energy systems, and to coordinate all government programs in the establishment and application of energy systems in the province.

What services does the PEI Energy Corporation provide to Islanders? 

  • owns and operates wind farms at  Elmira (30 megawatts (MW)),  Hermanville/Clearspring (30 MW), North Cape (10.56 MW), and Aeolus (3 MW);
  • owns two 180 MW submarine transmission cables that span 17 kilometres from Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick, to Borden-Carleton, PEI 
  • owns electrical transmission facilities in Prince County that connect its North Cape operations and other renewable energy generators to the Maritime Electric grid;
  • finances energy projects and energy systems, particularly those initiatives that involve renewable development in PEI (e.g., Wind Energy Institute of Canada); 
  • develops and implements the elements of the PEI Energy Strategy; and
  • provides guidance to Government for the formulation of provincial policy, programs, legislation and agreements that pertain to energy matters.

How is the PEI Energy Corporation governed?

The PEI Energy Corporation is governed by a board of directors. Current serving members include:

  • Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Tourism, Sport and Culture
  • Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action
  • Deputy Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Chief Executive Officer of Innovation PEI
  • Clerk of the Executive Council
  • Secretary to Treasury Board



Published date: 
October 19, 2023