Hermanville / Clearspring Wind Development

Where does the energy from this wind farm go?

The power from the Wind Farm is sold to Maritime Electric for use by PEI customers only.

Construction of the Wind Farm

The Hermanville/Clearspring site was constructed after environmental and regulatory approvals were met, and community members and landowners were consulted.  The build started in April 2013 and the wind farm was officially launched in June 2014. The site accounted for roughly $20 million in contracts during 2013:

  • road construction
  • concrete supply
  • metal fabrication
  • carpentry
  • turbine installation
  • electrician services
  • tree cutting, and 
  • site security.

How am I affected if I live in the community of Hermanville/Clearspring?

If you live in the community, you will benefit from the community development fund that supports:

  • local businesses (start-ups and expansions),
  • economic projects,
  • social projects, and
  • community groups for youth, seniors, recreation, arts and culture.
Published date: 
April 3, 2023
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