Cannabis and Your Health

Cannabis use is a personal choice but should be an informed choice. Know your source and know the risks.

Can cannabis affect my health?

Yes, there are potential therapeutic uses for, and potential health risks of, using cannabis (marijuana). While it is used by some for therapeutic purposes, there are short-and long-term physical and mental health effects that can be harmful.

What are the health risks?

There is strong scientific evidence that cannabis use is associated with a variety of health risks. The risks depend on your health, which kinds of cannabis products you use and in what ways or how often you use them. Some of the main health risks are:

  • problems with thinking, memory or physical co-ordination
  • impaired perceptions or hallucinations
  • fatal and non-fatal injuries, including those from motor-vehicle accidents due to impairment
  • mental health problems and cannabis dependence
  • chronic respiratory or lung problems
  • reproductive problems.
Download the Canada's Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines for full details


Provincial cannabis committee

The Government of Canada is working to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis. Until the new system is in place, it is illegal to buy, sell or produce cannabis for non-medical purposes.


Published date: 
June 7, 2018
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