“They want to hear my voice”

Louise Campbell gives back as a patient and family partner.

Louise Campbell is not a doctor. She’s not a nurse. She’s not a health care professional at all, and yet, she has an important voice in how health care is delivered on Prince Edward Island.  

Louise is one of many Islanders who volunteers her time as a patient and family partner for Health PEI. Their experience with the health care system as a former patient or family member or caregiver of a patient helps inform how services are delivered by Health PEI.  

Louise Campbell“I was first approached to get involved nearly 20 years ago after the birth of my daughter,” said Louise. “I was asked to sit on a committee examining the care of newborns and new mothers. It was a wonderful experience, because as a new mum myself, I felt I had something to contribute. And that my contributions were valued.”  

The committee discussed infant immunization, classes for new parents, and the role of midwives in the healthcare system. It was such a positive experience for Louise, she stayed on the committee for three terms.

She’s been a member of several committees since, including her current position as a community member on the drugs and therapeutics committee: the group which recommends what medications and medical supplies are approved for coverage through the provincial Pharmacare program.  

“I wasn’t sure how I could contribute to the discussions around what gets covered, but they want to hear my voice. This is challenging work, and it requires a lot of listening and reading. The rest of the committee wants to hear my opinion as a member of the community—it’s not a token role. They value what I have to say.”

     – Louise Campbell, patient and family partner

Louise said Health PEI has always been grateful for her volunteer role as a patient and family partner. She recommends the experience to others.  

To learn more about getting involved at Health PEI as a patient and family partner, visit the web page, or contact Kim Bustard, Health PEI’s Patient Experience Manager, at kabustard@ihis.org  

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Published date: 
February 1, 2023
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